Book Review: ‘The Celebrants’ by Steven Rowley will make you want to call an old friend

by Madison Thomas
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In this book review, we delve into Steven Rowley’s latest novel, ‘The Celebrants,’ which explores the themes of friendship, connection, and the importance of cherishing those relationships. Rowley, known for his ability to create rich characters filled with love and humor, delivers another beautifully told story that captivates readers.

Uniquely Different and Engaging

Rowley’s previous work, ‘The Guncle,’ garnered praise in 2021, and ‘The Celebrants’ lives up to the expectations set by its predecessor. This novel introduces a group of college friends who, despite their separate busy lives, prioritize coming together for “living funerals.” These gatherings serve as a platform to express their feelings, share experiences, and ensure that nothing is left unsaid.

The Power of Old Friendships

Through his skillful storytelling, Rowley effectively captures the essence of old friendships. The dynamics between these long-time companions highlight their ability to reconnect effortlessly, almost like resilient rubber bands snapping back to their younger selves. Inside jokes, shared laughter, and an unwavering comfort emerge, providing a rejuvenating respite from life’s challenges.

Craving Connection

Perhaps due to the pandemic-induced separation or the heightened awareness of the value of relationships, people are yearning for connection now more than ever. ‘The Celebrants’ not only serves as a poignant reminder of this longing, but also offers a soothing balm to the soul. Reading this book acts as an invitation to treat yourself and reach out to an old friend.


Steven Rowley’s ‘The Celebrants’ is a compelling novel that explores the depths of friendship and the significance of nurturing those bonds. With its relatable characters and heartfelt narrative, this book reminds readers of the importance of connection and encourages them to cherish the relationships that matter. So, indulge in this captivating story, and don’t forget to give your old friends a call.

Q: What is ‘The Celebrants’ by Steven Rowley about?

A: ‘The Celebrants’ is a novel by Steven Rowley that explores the lives of a group of longtime friends from college who come together to celebrate each other through “living funerals.” It delves into themes of friendship, connection, and the importance of cherishing relationships.

Q: Are Steven Rowley’s books character-driven?

A: Yes, Steven Rowley’s novels are known for their richly developed characters filled with love and humor. He has a talent for creating relatable and memorable characters that readers can connect with.

Q: How does ‘The Celebrants’ differ from Steven Rowley’s previous work?

A: ‘The Celebrants’ is uniquely different from Steven Rowley’s previous novel, ‘The Guncle.’ While ‘The Guncle’ focused on a specific character, ‘The Celebrants’ revolves around a group of friends and their shared experiences. Each book has its own distinct plot and narrative style.

Q: Does ‘The Celebrants’ emphasize the importance of old friendships?

A: Yes, ‘The Celebrants’ highlights the significance of old friendships and the enduring bonds that can withstand time and distance. It portrays the reconnection of old friends, the familiarity, shared memories, and the comfort they provide to one another.

Q: Is ‘The Celebrants’ a recommended read for those seeking connection?

A: Absolutely! ‘The Celebrants’ serves as a reminder of the importance of connection and cherishing relationships. It resonates with readers who crave meaningful connections, especially in today’s world. This book is an invitation to reflect on and appreciate the value of friendship.

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