Driver, who considered Treat Williams a friend, denies wrongdoing and claims charges in crash are unjustified

by Sophia Chen

The driver accused of causing the fatal crash that claimed the life of Treat Williams revealed that he had a personal connection with the actor and considered him a close friend. However, he strongly refuted any wrongdoing on his part and asserted that the charges brought against him are not warranted.

Ryan Koss, the managing creative director of the Dorset Theatre Festival in Vermont, expressed his profound grief over Williams’ tragic passing and extended his heartfelt condolences to the actor’s family. Having known Williams for years as a fellow member of their tightly-knit community and the theater world, Koss emphasized the friendship they shared.

In response to the allegations, Koss, aged 35, from Dorset, released a statement defending his actions. He stated that he firmly believes the investigation will reveal that he adhered to all relevant traffic laws during the incident that occurred on June 12 in Dorset. Koss expressed confidence that the facts would vindicate him, and he categorically denied any grossly negligent operation causing death.

Following the citation issued against him, Koss is scheduled to appear in court in September for formal charging. The Vermont State Police conducted the investigation, which concluded that Koss’ vehicle pulled in front of Williams’ motorcycle, resulting in the tragic accident.

Richard Treat Williams, known for his roles in “Everwood” and “Hair,” among many others, had an extensive career in both television and film, boasting over 120 credits to his name. His untimely passing has left the entertainment industry and his fans in mourning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Crash

Q: Who was Treat Williams, and what were the circumstances of his tragic death?

A: Treat Williams was a well-known actor, famous for his roles in TV series like “Everwood” and movies such as “Hair,” “The Eagle Has Landed,” “Prince of the City,” and “Once Upon a Time in America.” He had a career spanning over 120 TV and film roles. Unfortunately, Treat Williams passed away due to a crash that occurred on June 12 in Dorset, Vermont. The incident involved a collision between his motorcycle and a vehicle driven by Ryan Koss, the managing creative director of the Dorset Theatre Festival.

Q: Did Ryan Koss know Treat Williams personally?

A: Yes, Ryan Koss and Treat Williams were acquainted with each other for several years. They shared a friendship and were both members of a close-knit community and the theater industry.

Q: What are the charges against Ryan Koss, and how does he respond to them?

A: Ryan Koss has been cited for grossly negligent operation causing death in connection with the crash that killed Treat Williams. However, Koss denies any wrongdoing and firmly maintains that he followed all relevant traffic laws during the incident. He believes the charges are unjustified and is confident that the facts will prove his innocence.

Q: How did the community and entertainment industry react to Treat Williams’ death?

A: The community and entertainment industry were deeply saddened by Treat Williams’ untimely passing. Many people mourned the loss of the talented actor and expressed their heartfelt condolences to his family.

Q: When is Ryan Koss scheduled to appear in court for formal charging?

A: Ryan Koss is ordered to appear in court in September to face formal charges related to the crash that resulted in Treat Williams’ death.

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moviebuff23 August 6, 2023 - 4:27 pm

treat williams was a legend, luvd his movies! the crash was a shock, ryan koss knew him? charges not warranted he says. hope truth comes out!

theaterlover August 6, 2023 - 5:30 pm

treat williams’ death is a huge loss, knew him from dorset theatre fest. ryan koss, the driver, is he really not guilty? lets hope it’s a mistake!

Sarah87 August 6, 2023 - 6:30 pm

omg so sad that Treat williams died in a crash. he was a gr8 actor! ryan koss knew him?? thats crazy. but he says no charges r deserved. lets c wot happens in court.


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