At least 68 killed in central Gaza in airstrike, adding to weekend’s bloodshed

by Joshua Brown
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Gaza airstrike

In central Gaza, a recent Israeli airstrike resulted in at least 68 deaths, intensifying the already grave situation over the weekend. Health officials reported this figure on Sunday, and also noted the increase in Israeli military fatalities to 15.

Journalists from Big Big News, stationed at a local hospital, witnessed the aftermath as Palestinians frantically brought in casualties, including a baby and a young girl who appeared in shock, her injuries being assessed.

Out of the 68 deceased, the hospital initially reported at least 12 women and seven children. Ahmad Turokmani, grieving the loss of his daughter and grandson, expressed a bleak sentiment shared by many in Gaza: “

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gaza airstrike

What was the death toll in the recent Gaza airstrike?

In the recent Israeli airstrike in central Gaza, at least 68 people were killed. This number includes a significant portion of women and children.

How has the conflict affected the Israel-Hamas war?

The conflict has escalated, with the death toll in Gaza surpassing 20,000, including roughly 20,400 Palestinians. Israeli military fatalities have also risen, with 154 soldiers killed since the ground offensive began.

What has been the international response to the Israel-Hamas conflict?

The United Nations Security Council called for the delivery of humanitarian aid to Palestinians and the release of hostages, but did not demand a cease-fire. International criticism focuses on the high civilian death toll and alleged mistreatment of Palestinian detainees by Israeli forces.

How has the conflict impacted the region during the holiday season?

In Bethlehem, traditionally vibrant celebrations on Christmas Eve were halted, turning the city into a ghost town, reflecting the broader impact of the Israel-Hamas war on the region.

What efforts are being made towards resolving the conflict?

Negotiations are ongoing, with leaders from Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad engaging in talks in Egypt. The Israeli military continues its operations, aiming to dismantle Hamas’ infrastructure, while facing increasing international pressure.

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