A Missouri doctor’s death is steeped in mystery and speculation. Authorities aren’t talking

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Mysterious doctor's death

The mysterious and perplexing death of a Missouri doctor has left the community in speculation and silence from authorities.

Dr. John Forsyth was highly regarded for his dedicated medical practice, compassionate care for patients, and his playful banter with nurses in the emergency room. He was a loving father of eight and had recently become engaged. Additionally, he co-founded a cryptocurrency business alongside his brother.

The sudden disappearance of John Forsyth from a town in southwestern Missouri last month, followed by the discovery of his body in an Arkansas lake, has left friends and family questioning the circumstances surrounding his demise. The lack of information provided by law enforcement has only deepened the sense of mystery, leading amateur detectives to share theories on social media platforms like Facebook.

Tiffany Forsyth, the doctor’s sister, expressed her shock and disbelief, stating, “It feels as though our world has come crashing down. I’m still finding it hard to believe this is real. It’s a gradual process.”

On May 21, at a public swimming pool parking area, the 49-year-old Forsyth vanished. Nine days later, his body, bearing an apparent gunshot wound, was discovered. Although an autopsy was conducted, a report is not expected for another two months. Law enforcement has divulged minimal details, only assuring the public that there is no imminent danger.

The family strongly refutes any suggestion that John Forsyth’s death was a suicide, citing his recent engagement and the pregnancy of his fiancée as evidence of his positive outlook on life.

Speculation on social media, particularly within a Facebook discussion group of over 1,000 members, has offered various theories about his demise, including potential links to the cryptocurrency business he co-founded with his brother, Richard Forsyth. However, access to the posts in the group has been restricted to the public.

Merely ten days prior to his disappearance, John Forsyth’s divorce had been finalized—his second from the same woman. Family members and the ex-wife’s attorney, Ryan Ricketts, describe the split as amicable, with Ricketts stating that she is devastated by the doctor’s tragic death.

Richard Forsyth revealed that his brother was thrilled about his forthcoming marriage and the imminent arrival of his child, even possessing a plane ticket to visit one of his daughters. Richard recounted, “He said, ‘I can’t wait to introduce her to you. We’re going to have a wonderful life together. We’re all going to spend a lot of time together.’ … I hadn’t seen him that happy for a long time.”

According to Richard, John Forsyth sent a text message to his fiancée on the day he disappeared, expressing his anticipation of seeing her soon. However, the fiancée declined a request for a social media interview.

Despite the hopeful messages about his future, John Forsyth had recently made cryptic remarks alluding to potential danger, confiding in his brother, “I think he crossed paths with some bad folks, and he didn’t tell me about them.”

Conflicting information surrounds the events near the public pool where John Forsyth was last spotted in Cassville, approximately 40 miles west of Branson, a popular tourist destination in the Ozark Mountains. At the time of his disappearance on May 21, the pool had yet to open for the summer season. Furthermore, Beaver Lake, where his body was found, is over an hour’s drive away from Cassville, accessible through winding roads within the Ozarks.

Initially, Richard Forsyth claimed that security camera footage captured his brother entering another person’s vehicle. However, he later clarified that the footage actually showed a white SUV arriving a few minutes after the doctor parked his car and departing shortly afterward. Roughly 10 to 15 minutes later, John Forsyth exited his vehicle and walked away, never to be seen alive again. Richard mentioned that two cellphones, a laptop, and important documents were discovered inside his unlocked car.

Law enforcement officials have refrained from publicly expressing their views on whether Forsyth was murdered, accidentally shot, or took his own life. There has been no mention of finding the weapon used, nor has any connection between the SUV and Forsyth’s disappearance been disclosed.

Authorities have not revealed the extent to which they are investigating Forsyth’s involvement in the cryptocurrency realm.

Following his death, online publications covering the industry took note of Forsyth’s passing, coinciding with the recent charges brought against a tech consultant in San Francisco, accused of stabbing Cash App founder Bob Lee. Prosecutors believe the killing stemmed from a dispute involving the suspect’s sister.

John and Richard Forsyth established Onfo LLC in 2018, a venture in “network mining.” The company’s website indicated that account holders could earn credits by referring others to the business, without requiring any upfront cash.

Onfo’s website featured an eight-minute video titled “The U.S. Dollar is Doomed,” which expounded on the potential collapse of government currencies. The video portrayed bankers and political officials in derogatory terms, likening them to self-indulgent individuals consumed by wealth and opulence.

A Forbes magazine article in 2020 referred to John Forsyth as a bitcoin millionaire.

Richard Forsyth acknowledged that some might question whether Onfo operated as a “multi-level marketing” scheme, but he asserted that they never sold anything. He emphasized their intention to provide opportunities for large segments of the population, including impoverished individuals in developing nations, to invest in decentralized digital currencies. Richard argued that their mission opposed the greed-driven narrative often associated with crypto, stating, “It’s not about Lamborghinis, billionaires, and tax evasion.”

Paul Sibenik, the lead case manager for CipherBlade, an agency specializing in investigating crypto-related cybercrimes, criticized Onfo’s business model, likening it to pyramid schemes that depend on an ever-growing number of referrals and are inherently unsustainable. Sibenik emphasized that no legitimate cryptocurrency project operates in this manner.

During the finalization of John Forsyth’s divorce last month, he held significant cryptocurrency assets. The divorce settlement divided his and his ex-wife’s bitcoin and Ethereum holdings equally, amounting to over $800,000. Additionally, he was required to pay his ex-wife $15,000 per month, along with $3,999 monthly for the support of their four children aged 10 to 18. The decree estimated the value of John Forsyth’s non-cryptocurrency business interests at $1 million.

John and Richard Forsyth were part of a large extended family with over 100 cousins. Raised in both southwest Missouri and Alberta, Canada, the brothers held dual American and Canadian citizenship. The family held a private funeral for John Forsyth, followed by a public vigil where approximately 40 people, mainly family members, gathered in a Monett park just north of Cassville. The attendees lit memorial candles and shared heartfelt and humorous stories about him.

Colleagues and friends fondly recalled Forsyth’s ability to lighten the atmosphere in the intense environment of the emergency room. Nurse Leah Tate recounted his mischievous nature, stating that he enjoyed pushing boundaries and seeing how much he could annoy others. Attendees of the memorial service chuckled at her recollection. Louise Hensley, a Monett resident and former neighbor, expressed her sorrow over his loss, emphasizing his compassionate treatment of her husband during his battle with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Hensley, like many others, was shocked by the news, saying, “I was just shocked when I heard a doctor was missing and then saw it was him.”

Note: The article has been rewritten to enhance clarity and readability while maintaining the key information and details provided in the original text.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mysterious doctor’s death

What was the cause of the Missouri doctor’s death?

The cause of the Missouri doctor’s death remains unknown as authorities have not disclosed whether it was a murder, accidental shooting, or suicide. Further investigation is underway.

Was the doctor involved in cryptocurrency?

Yes, the doctor co-founded a cryptocurrency business with his brother. Their venture, Onfo LLC, aimed to provide opportunities for people to invest in decentralized digital currency.

Did the doctor express any concerns about his safety?

According to his brother, the doctor made cryptic remarks suggesting he might have encountered dangerous individuals. However, the exact nature of these concerns remains undisclosed.

Was there any connection between the doctor’s death and his divorce?

There is no apparent connection between the doctor’s death and his recent divorce. Family members and the ex-wife’s attorney confirmed that the divorce was amicable, and the ex-wife was devastated by the doctor’s tragic death.

What information has been released by law enforcement?

Law enforcement authorities have provided minimal information about the case. They have stated that there is no immediate threat to the public but have not revealed further details about the investigation or the circumstances surrounding the doctor’s disappearance and subsequent death.

Are there any theories about the doctor’s death?

Various theories have emerged, with some suggesting a potential connection between the doctor’s death and his involvement in the cryptocurrency business. However, as of now, these theories remain speculative, and the investigation is ongoing.

How did the doctor’s family and friends remember him?

Family and friends described the doctor as a caring and dedicated physician who brought humor and lightness to his work. Colleagues and neighbors shared anecdotes about his compassionate nature and his efforts to support patients and their families during difficult times.

Is there any indication of when the investigation will provide more answers?

Authorities have informed the family that it may take a considerable amount of time before further details and answers are available. The family expresses confidence in the investigating officers but understands that the process may be lengthy.

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