3 passengers dead after charter bus crashes in Pennsylvania, state police say

by Andrew Wright
fokus keyword Pennsylvania bus crash

A tragic collision between a charter bus and a car occurred on a Pennsylvania interstate, leading to the death of three passengers, according to the state police. As many as 50 people were on the bus when it crashed in Lower Paxton Township, near Harrisburg, during a heavy rainstorm around 11:50 p.m. on Sunday.

The crash occurred on southbound Interstate 81, where the bus struck an embankment, hit the rear of a car, and rolled onto its side. At the scene, three individuals were confirmed dead, with injuries to others varying in severity, from minor to grave.

While the names of the deceased have not been disclosed, the incident was severe enough to be considered a “mass casualty incident” by Trooper Megan Frazer. A substantial emergency response was mobilized, including eight ambulances and specialized lifeline emergency support, due to the large number of people involved and the multitude of injuries sustained.

The conditions at the time of the crash were challenging, with WHTM-TV reporting heavy rain, as cited by Trooper Frazer.

The fallout from the collision led to Milton S. Hershey Medical Center receiving 28 patients. The hospital’s spokesperson, Scott Gilbert, informed via email that as of Monday morning, two individuals were admitted as inpatients, 16 were undergoing treatment in the emergency room, and 10 had been discharged. Additionally, information was received that several more victims had been transported to another hospital for care.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Pennsylvania bus crash

What happened in the charter bus crash in Pennsylvania?

A charter bus carrying up to 50 people collided with a car on southbound Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania’s Dauphin County, near Harrisburg. The bus hit an embankment, struck the back of a car, and flipped on its side, killing three passengers and injuring many others.

Where and when did the crash occur?

The crash happened on southbound Interstate 81 in Lower Paxton Township, near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, around 11:50 p.m. on Sunday during heavy rain.

How many people were killed and injured in the crash?

Three passengers were killed in the crash, and many others were injured with varying degrees of severity. Milton S. Hershey Medical Center received 28 patients from the crash, with some treated at another hospital.

Was the crash weather-related?

Yes, the crash occurred during heavy rain, which likely contributed to the accident.

How were the emergency services involved?

The incident was considered a mass casualty incident, and eight ambulances assisted, along with lifeline emergency response. Several local hospitals also treated victims from the crash.

Have the names of the victims been released?

No, as of the information provided, the names of the victims were not immediately released.

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Mike_O August 7, 2023 - 3:21 pm

Terrible news, what were the bus driver doing, driving in such rain? Needs more investigation, not sure whats going on with our roads.

Sara Lee August 7, 2023 - 5:47 pm

its so sad…why dont they take better care when its raining. people just dont think. Safety first people!!

Jenny T August 8, 2023 - 5:45 am

i have family near Harrisburg, got really scared reading this. thanks god they’re safe. But those poor people… 🙁

Rob43 August 8, 2023 - 9:26 am

This is exactly why i’m afraid of buses. You never know whos driving or what can happen, it’s all too risky for me!

John Smith August 8, 2023 - 10:57 am

I drive on that interstate all the time, cant believe something like this happend. thoughts and prayers to the families.


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