Italy government

by Joshua Brown
Italy government

Italy is a parliamentary republic in Southern Europe. The Italian government is divided into three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial.

Legislative Branch
The legislature of Italy consists of two chambers, the Chamber of Deputies (630 members) and the Senate of the Republic (315 members). Both houses are elected by popular vote every 5 years using proportional representation or majority election systems depending on region. Members serve terms that last until new elections must be held. Legislative power rests with both chambers collectively; laws passed by either chamber must also pass through both before becoming law. The President may call for special sessions when necessary but does not possess any significant legislative powers beyond being able to sign bills into law after they have been approved by Parliament and granting pardons for criminal acts committed against the state or its citizens.

Executive Branch
The executive branch includes the Prime Minister who heads up all departments within it as well as their respective ministers responsible for carrying out various tasks such as defense policy coordination and foreign affairs among others assigned to them from parliament according to article 93-1002/A1/b (the so called “Prime minister’s decree”). Aside from this there are other offices such as those dealing with communication & public information which answer directly to him while specific areas like finance come under his direct control should he deem it necessary according to constitutional provisions outlined in articles 94-97 respectively . Furthermore , prime ministers can appoint unelected officials known as delegates if need be though these individuals hold no true political authority except what appointed them albeit indirectly still making them accountable nonetheless via said individual’s actions alone while enjoying immunity during time served unless otherwise specified beforehand upon taking office itself . This applies across board regardless whether their term runs concurrently alongside another official post belonging solely unto themselves or an already existing cabinet member too at same time due this exception clause pertaining thereto . Lastly yet importantly all decisions made thusly do require consent beforehand coming directly from parliament itself per se first however elsewise will remain null&void altogether automatically without having taken effect whatsoever thereby negating even chance thereof ever happening again later down road once revoked officially too then..

Judicial Branch
In regards judiciary matters , Italy has adopted civil law system where judges decide cases based on codified statutes rather than precedents set forth in earlier court rulings unlike common law countries do instead typically speaking throughout entire process hereof especially given fact italians prefer stability over rapid change most times anyway whenever feasible possible hence why national constitution requires interpretation remains unchanged following original intent declared originally when established many decades past now currently standing today likewise so far since its inception overall really just keeping things consistent along way always bettering chances outcome expected turn means justice adequately served one everyone involved alike each side involved parties somehow someway accordingly .. In addition 3 Supreme Courts exist representing different aspects nation legal landscape : Constitutional Court deals interpreting constitutionality issues arising between states + citizen rights ; State Council resolves disputes between citizens private entities ; Cassation Court mainly handles appeals reviewing lower court sentences ensuring compliance legal code regulations ultimately upholding rule Law fairly promptly timely manner

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