India government

by Joshua Brown
India government

India Government is the governing authority of India, a federal parliamentary democratic republic in South Asia. The Constitution of India establishes the structure and functions of government at all levels: Union (federal), State, and local.

The Indian political system operates under a multi-party democracy framework with regular general elections conducted every five years or whenever necessary. It consists of three branches—the executive branch headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi through his Cabinet; Legislative Branch comprised of two houses – Rajya Sabha (Upper House) & Lok Sabha (Lower House); Judicial Branch consisting primarily Supreme Court which exercises judicial review over laws passed by legislature. Various state governments have their own constitutions and are largely autonomous from the central government on many matters like law enforcement, taxation etc., though remain subject to overriding powers vested in parliament for national security purposes.

At Union level, legislative power is vested mainly in Parliament comprising Rajya Sabha & Lok Sabha while Executive Power rests mainly with Council Of Ministers responsible to both houses as well as led by Prime Minister who holds office until he resigns or loses majority support within ruling party or coalition either through death/resignation/defeat in election . Judiciary is independent being based on rule of law that ensures equal treatment before law regardless one’s status money ,power etc , it also performs important constitutional roles such as acting against corruption via Central Vigilance Commission(CVC).

At state level similar structures exist where Governor appointed by President acts head whilst Chief Minister chosen among elected members heads respective councilof ministers tasked day to day running affairs related specific states . They too answerable both HousesOfParliament but may not be always case depending upon nature issues involved /legislative rules adopted time being applicable situation.. Local bodies operate various municipal services including public health sanitation electricity water supply solid waste management urban planning transport regulation development works educational institutions etc an form part essential governance infrastructure countrywide

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