US Security Adviser’s Meeting with Palestinian President Abbas on Gaza’s Postwar Security

by Chloe Baker
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Israel-Hamas conflict

The United States national security adviser is set to meet with the Palestinian president on Friday to discuss the potential role of Palestinian security forces in Gaza after the war. These discussions stem from a senior U.S. official’s suggestion to potentially reestablish the Palestinian forces that were ousted by Hamas in 2007.

This idea, one among several, represents the first concrete indication of the U.S.’s plan for Gaza’s security post-conflict, assuming Israel fulfills its goal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Israel-Hamas conflict

What is the purpose of the U.S. national security adviser’s meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas?

The meeting is to discuss postwar arrangements for Gaza, including a proposal to reactivate Palestinian security forces in the region, which were previously ousted by Hamas in 2007.

How does Israel view the potential involvement of Palestinian security forces in Gaza?

Israel strongly opposes this idea, insisting on maintaining a significant security presence in Gaza and rejecting any postwar role for the Palestinian Authority in the territory.

What has been the impact of the recent Israel-Hamas war on Gaza?

The conflict, triggered by a Hamas attack on Israel, has led to significant destruction in northern Gaza, displacing 80% of the region’s 2.3 million population and escalating a humanitarian crisis.

What is the U.S. stance on Israel’s operations in Gaza?

While the U.S. continues to support Israel with weapons and diplomatic backing, there is growing unease in the Biden administration about civilian casualties and the future plans for Gaza.

What are the recent developments in the Israeli assault on Gaza?

The Israeli offensive has resulted in over 18,700 Palestinian deaths, with thousands missing. Communications in Gaza are disrupted, and Israeli airstrikes continue to target the region.

How has the Israeli public reacted to the war?

The Israeli populace largely supports the war, viewing it as necessary to prevent attacks like the one on Oct. 7, which resulted in significant civilian casualties.

What is the current political sentiment in Palestine towards Hamas?

While support for Hamas has increased in the West Bank and slightly in Gaza, a majority of Palestinians do not endorse Hamas, as indicated by recent polls.

What are the key points of discussion in the U.S. envoy’s meeting with Abbas?

The discussions are likely to focus on the role of Palestinian Authority security forces in postwar Gaza and the broader vision for establishing peace and security in the region.

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Sam Jenkins December 15, 2023 - 10:22 am

Wow, really shows how complex the situation in Gaza is, the US trying to play a balancing act here, not easy with so many conflicting interests.


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