Tragic Incident at Ukrainian Museum as Russian Forces Attack, Killing 2 and Injuring 10

by Joshua Brown
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In Kyiv, Ukraine on Tuesday, a dangerous missile launched by Russia smashed into a museum building. As a result of the blast, two people lost their lives and 10 others were hurt. This is part of an on-going attack that is happening as the Ukrainian army gets ready for a possible counterattack in the spring time.

The Ukrainian government reported that the Russian military used missiles called S-300s and attacked a city called Kupiansk in the Kharkiv region. The missile was so powerful that not even Ukraine’s strongest air defense system could shoot one down. The attack caused a lot of destruction to a museum which was near the city center, and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy posted a video of the aftermath online.

Zelenskyy said that a terrorist country is trying their best to wipe out Ukraine – their people, culture and history. They are using violent methods of killing Ukrainians. A museum worker was killed and another person’s body was found in the rubble. Plus, three people were sent to the hospital and seven received minor injuries due to this attack.

Kupiansk was taken over by Russian troops, but at the end of September, Ukraine’s military took it back in an unexpected attack. Also, another woman got hurt and two people died when Russians attacked Dvorichna, which is close to Kupiansk. This happened in eastern Donetsk region as stated by Ukrainian governing body.

The man in charge of the Dnipropetrovsk area, Serhiy Lisak, reported that two people were injured on Tuesday night because of a bomb launched by Russia. The cities Marhanets and Nikopol were hit and they are both located near the Dnieper River opposite the Russian-controlled Nuclear Power Plant which has been under attack according to both Russia and Ukraine.

The Ukraine military is getting ready for a major fightback. They have just received Western tanks, weapons, and new soldiers who were trained in the West. President Zelenskyy met with the high-ranking officers to discuss what’s happening on the battlefield, what kind of weapons they will get and how prepared their troops are.

Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy said on Facebook that the supply of weapons needs to happen faster because it might save the lives of soldiers. He was backed up by Major General Kyrylo Budanov from Military Intelligence, who told RBC-Ukraine that a planned battle will help them get back control over many areas which is an important moment in their modern history.

The Kremlin continuously refers to their nuclear weapons in an attempt to prevent the U.S. and its allies from sending military aid to Ukraine. The U.S. and NATO are criticizing Russia’s usage of nuclear weapons as dangerous and foolish, but according to them, Russia has not changed how powerful their nuclear capabilities are.

On Tuesday, Dmitry Medvedev said that the world could soon have another world war. He added that if Russia felt threatened, it would use its nuclear weapons and not think twice about it because nuclear weapons are very important for keeping the country safe.

The Kremlin will do whatever it takes to get the outcomes it wants in Ukraine. This includes having the potential to use nuclear weapons if someone attacks Russia with a nuclear or non-nuclear attack. As Russian Prime Minister Medvedev said, people should not take this lightly and respect Russia’s power.

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