Thrilling Saturday at the Masters: Koepka Leads Rahm by 4

by Madison Thomas
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Saturday was a hectic day at the Masters Tournament. Even though it rained all day, the tournament still continued. When CBS came on the air, only 15 minutes were left to finish up! Brooks Koepka and Jon Rahm were leading the race and anyone else who wanted to win had to move quickly!

At the start of the third round, Brooks Koepka had two extra shots over Jon Rahm. But when Rahm had bogey in two straight attempts, the gap widened and Koepka was four strokes ahead. The players made it to the seventh green before their play was stopped due to lots of water on it. Their play will resume again at 8:30 AM on Sunday and both would pitch from different tees.

Tiger Woods was really glad to qualify for the cut at the Masters, tying the tournament record. However he didn’t seem too pleased afterwards and suddenly rushed off the course. This is because he made two double bogeys in a row at Augusta National, meaning he was 22 shots behind everyone else.

Meanwhile, Koepka had 13 out of par on his scorecard and had a 10-foot putt for a par on the 7th green. Rahm however was 9 under with only 8 feet away from getting birdie. There were many holes still left so anything could happen.

“I’m not too worried about having to play the remaining 29 holes [in the Masters],” said Koepka. “It’s only right since it is the Masters and I know everyone will be able to do it.”

The last thing we saw were thousands of people with green-and-white Masters umbrellas leaving as one group.

Golfing was fun in the morning when everyone finished the second round. Although it didn’t get too hot, the wind and rain made it feel colder than 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius). The weather was so bad that hardly anybody could get to the par 5s. Players were even using fairway metals on the last par-4 hole.

Rahm did great and almost tied with Koepka. His birdie shot on the 17th hole got him close, but he couldn’t finish it. He hit an 8-iron into the 18th hole Thursday, but this time he used a 4-iron and ended up with a bogey which made him settle for a 69 score overall.

He said that holes 17 and 18 were really tough to beat.

Cameron Young said it was impossible to play on the course on Saturday morning. He was speaking for around thirty-six players who faced heavy rain, cold weather and a course that felt longer than usual. It was almost hard to even hit shots with all the water collecting in clubs, regardless of wiping them off before. Balls would skid across wet greens since they didn’t go far from where they were hit.

On Friday, Koepka was lucky enough to complete his round in the sunshine before stormy weather came. Even though for the first time in the Masters two players scored below ten par, it seemed more like a test of endurance instead of performance.

Justin Thomas really struggled while playing. He started at 2 under but then he hit his shot into the water on the 11th hole and got a double bogey, missed the green on the 12th hole and three-putted to get a bogey on the 15th hole from 45 feet away.

Woods was close to missing the cut line at Augusta National. He needed either Thomas or Im to bogey one of the last two holes to make it.

Both ended up making bogey on the end, but Thomas couldn’t make a 10-foot putt, which resulted in him getting his worst score ever (78) with bogeys on both 17 and 18 holes.

When it started raining again during the third round, everyone opened up their umbrellas. Sam Bennett, who had the lowest score by an amateur in 56 years at 8-under 136, made two bogeys right away after the rain started. He said that with the rainy conditions it was really difficult to play and he thought they should have stopped playing a bit earlier.

Koepka and Rahm both got birdies on the 5th hole. But then Rahm’s bogey on the 4th hole put him in a bad position, and his three-putting didn’t help either. He ended his day with two good swings before it stopped early at 3:15 p.m. Having to finish round three the next day is pretty common after there are weather delays earlier that day, which happened both in 2005 and 2006 too.

The weather forecast for Sunday shows that it should be good enough to finish the Masters golf tournament, and what’s more, the rain will make the Augusta National course softer so that players can hit their shots better. Rahm, a player in the Masters, said “It looks like tomorrow will be a great day with good conditions, and our golf course is most likely going to be soft too.”

On this difficult day, Patrick Cantlay and U.S. Open champion Matt Fitzpatrick had the best score at 3 under par each for their second round. They were tied in fourth place with Collin Morikawa and Viktor Hovland who were 8 shots behind them.

Phil Mickelson also was competing; he birdied twice but ended up back to 4 under par when play got cancelled.

At the start of his Saturday morning, Tiger Woods had two bad shots and then at the beginning of the afternoon his luck took a turn for the worse. He hit one shot into water on 15th hole and another went left into water on16th hole.

Tiger Woods wasn’t playing in many tournaments for a while, but he made a big comeback this tournament. He became part of the Masters record book with an amazing 23 cut-in streak – that means he’s managed to get into the top half of the competition 23 times in a row! Meanwhile, Fred Couples also set his own special record – at 63 years old, he’s now the oldest person to ever make the cut at the Masters.

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