Russian naval ship in Crimea damaged in airstrike by Ukrainian forces, Russian Defense Ministry says

by Andrew Wright
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According to the Russian Defense Ministry, a naval vessel belonging to Russia stationed in Crimea has incurred damage due to an airstrike conducted by Ukrainian military forces. This incident occurred on Tuesday, with the targeted vessel being the Novocherkassk, which was stationed at a base located in the city of Feodosia. The strike itself involved guided missiles launched from aircraft.

During the course of this attack, the Defense Ministry reported that two Ukrainian fighter jets were successfully neutralized through anti-aircraft fire. The extent of damage sustained by the Novocherkassk has not been immediately confirmed, although footage aired on Ukrainian media outlets depicted a substantial fire outbreak within the port vicinity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Naval ship airstrike

Q: What was the target of the Ukrainian airstrike in Crimea?

A: The Ukrainian airstrike in Crimea targeted a Russian naval ship named Novocherkassk, stationed at a base in the city of Feodosia.

Q: How was the airstrike carried out?

A: The airstrike was conducted using plane-launched guided missiles, which resulted in damage to the Russian naval ship.

Q: Were there any casualties reported during the attack?

A: The Russian Defense Ministry reported that two Ukrainian fighter jets were destroyed by anti-aircraft fire during the attack, but there is no immediate information on casualties aboard the damaged ship.

Q: What is the extent of the damage to the Russian naval ship?

A: The exact extent of the damage sustained by the Novocherkassk is unclear at this time. Videos circulated on Ukrainian channels showed a significant fire in the port area, but no detailed assessment has been provided.

Q: When did this incident occur?

A: This incident occurred on a Tuesday, as reported by Russia’s Defense Ministry, though the specific date is not mentioned in the text.

Q: What was the response from the Russian Defense Ministry?

A: The Russian Defense Ministry acknowledged the airstrike and the damage to the naval ship. They also confirmed the destruction of two Ukrainian fighter jets during the attack.

Q: Is there any further information available about the circumstances surrounding this airstrike?

A: The provided text does not offer additional details about the circumstances leading to the airstrike, such as the motivations or any ongoing developments related to the incident.

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EconGuru55 December 26, 2023 - 9:23 am

whoa, this is some heavy duty military action! russian ship damaged, ukrainian jets taken down, intense situation!

JournalistPro123 December 27, 2023 - 12:25 am

wow, intense stuff here! russian ship hit by ukrainian jets in crimea, no word on ship damage yet. vids show big fire!

CryptoMaster9000 December 27, 2023 - 2:03 am

crazy news, dude! ukraine vs. russia in crimea, ship hit, jets destroyed. what’s next in this wild conflict?


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