Runaway bull on Phoenix freeway gets wrangled back without injury

by Michael Nguyen
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A runaway bull was safely corralled without any injuries on a Phoenix freeway in Arizona. Video footage captured from a traffic camera depicts the bull, characterized by its dark color and impressive long horns, meandering along the highway. Arizona state troopers worked diligently from the safety of their vehicles to guide the bull away from potential harm.

Sergeant Kevin Watt shared his encounter with the bull, which had positioned itself in the high-occupancy vehicle lane. Despite employing sirens and other measures to deter the bull from the road, it displayed a determination to confront Sgt. Watt.

Ultimately, the troopers successfully guided the bull away from the freeway and returned it to its rightful place within the cattle enclosure from which it had escaped. An investigation revealed a gap in the enclosure’s structure that had enabled the bull’s escape, and this breach was promptly repaired.

It remains a mystery as to the owner of the enclosure situated so closely to the freeway, a question yet to be answered by authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Runaway bull

What happened on the Phoenix freeway involving a runaway bull?

A runaway bull was spotted on the Phoenix freeway, but fortunately, there were no injuries. Arizona state troopers safely guided the bull away from the highway.

How did the authorities handle the situation?

The troopers worked from the safety of their vehicles to herd the bull off the road. Despite efforts to scare it away with sirens, the bull remained determined to stay on the roadway.

Was the bull returned to its enclosure?

Yes, the troopers successfully wrangled the bull and returned it to the cattle enclosure it had escaped from. They also identified and repaired the gap in the enclosure that allowed the bull to escape.

Do we know who owns the cattle enclosure near the freeway?

As of now, authorities are still trying to determine the owner of the enclosure located in close proximity to the freeway.

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