Roger Waters denied hotel stays in Argentina and Uruguay over antisemitism allegations, report says

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Roger Waters Controversy

Hotels in Argentina and Uruguay have reportedly declined bookings for Roger Waters, co-founder of Pink Floyd, amid allegations of antisemitism. The British musician, known for his support of Palestine, faced booking issues in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he planned to stay for his concerts on November 21 and 22 as part of the “This is Not a Drill” tour. Argentine newspaper Pagina 12 reported that the hotels cited unavailability as the reason for not accommodating him.

Similarly, accommodations in Montevideo, Uruguay, also refused to host Waters, with no specific reasons given, as per a Pagina 12 report. Waters, still in Sao Paulo, Brazil, following a recent performance, expressed disappointment over missing a dinner with Uruguay’s former President José Mujica due to the situation.

Waters attributed the cancellations to pressures from pro-Israel groups, stating that they have led to his “cancellation” due to his outspoken views on Palestinian rights.

Roby Schindler, president of the Central Israelite Committee of Uruguay, reportedly wrote to the Sofitel hotel, urging it not to accommodate Waters. Schindler accused Waters of using his celebrity status to spread lies and hatred against Israel and Jews, warning that hosting him would inadvertently spread his alleged hateful messages.

Waters has faced longstanding accusations of antisemitism, including criticisms from the U.S. State Department, which cited his repeated use of antisemitic tropes. Waters, however, strongly refutes these claims, attributing them to his stance on Palestinian human rights.

In an interview with journalist Glenn Greenwald, Waters commented on the recent Hamas attack in Israel on October 7, claiming that the Israeli response exaggerated the event, including fabricated stories of extreme violence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Roger Waters Controversy

Why were Roger Waters’ hotel reservations in Argentina and Uruguay canceled?

Roger Waters, co-founder of Pink Floyd, faced hotel reservation cancellations in Argentina and Uruguay reportedly due to accusations of antisemitism. Hotels in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Montevideo, Uruguay, declined to host him, with some citing unavailability and others providing no specific reason. The cancellations are believed to be linked to his pro-Palestinian views and alleged antisemitic statements.

What was the response of the Central Israelite Committee of Uruguay to Roger Waters’ planned stay?

The president of the Central Israelite Committee of Uruguay, Roby Schindler, reportedly sent a letter to the Sofitel hotel in Uruguay, urging it not to host Roger Waters. Schindler accused Waters of using his fame to spread lies and hatred towards Israel and Jews, suggesting that hosting him would inadvertently propagate his alleged hateful views.

Has Roger Waters faced similar accusations of antisemitism in the past?

Yes, Roger Waters has been dogged by accusations of antisemitism for years. These include criticisms from the U.S. State Department, which mentioned his “long track record of using antisemitic tropes to denigrate Jewish people.” Waters has consistently denied these accusations, attributing them to his vocal support for Palestinian rights and human rights in general.

What was Roger Waters’ reaction to the hotel booking cancellations?

Roger Waters expressed disappointment and frustration over the cancellations, attributing them to pressure from pro-Israel groups. He mentioned a missed dinner date with José Mujica, former president of Uruguay, due to these issues. Waters maintains that the actions against him are a response to his outspoken views on the Palestinian cause and human rights.

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