President Biden has started using a CPAP machine at night to deal with sleep apnea

by Joshua Brown
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President Joe Biden has recently begun using a CPAP machine during his sleep to address his sleep apnea, as confirmed by the White House on Wednesday. The revelation came after noticeable imprints from the mask were observed on the president’s face as he left the White House.

President Biden has openly discussed his history with sleep apnea since 2008. Sleep apnea is a common condition characterized by interrupted breathing during sleep, which can have serious implications. White House officials stated that Biden used the CPAP machine on Tuesday night, and the visible lines on his face were evident when he departed for a speech in Chicago on Wednesday morning.

A CPAP machine is a motorized device that delivers air through a mask, effectively keeping the sleeper’s airway open. Approximately 5 million Americans have tried CPAP machines to manage sleep apnea.

In other news, President Biden is concluding a campaign fundraising blitz aimed at making a strong early statement. He has been promoting ‘Bidenomics,’ although a recent poll indicates that only 34% approve of his handling of the economy. The governor of Georgia criticized Biden’s electric vehicle policy at a federally-backed battery material manufacturer. Furthermore, Biden’s broadband plan aims to connect every home and business in the United States by 2030, marking the next step in his agenda.

Although Biden’s history with sleep apnea has been known for some time, it was not addressed during his most recent physical examination in February. When he served as vice president, doctors identified an irregular heartbeat likely linked to apnea.

As an 80-year-old running for reelection, President Biden is the oldest individual to hold the highest office in the nation.

Approximately 30 million people in the United States are estimated to have sleep apnea, but only around 6 million have been diagnosed, according to the American Medical Association. This condition is characterized by the relaxation of throat and tongue muscles, leading to the blockage of the airway during sleep. Factors such as obesity, aging, or facial structure can contribute to the condition. Sleep apnea causes individuals to temporarily stop breathing, sometimes for up to a minute, and this can happen hundreds of times throughout the night. They wake up with loud gasping and snoring, preventing them from achieving deep and restorative sleep. Untreated sleep apnea can result in dangerous drowsiness and an increased risk of heart attacks. It is more prevalent in men than in women.

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