New Details Revealed: Danny Masterson’s Lawyer Challenges Rape Story

by Joshua Brown
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Danny Masterson’s attorney asked his former girlfriend why her testimony in court about him allegedly raping her in 2001 had some new details that weren’t mentioned when she talked to the police at the start of their investigation.

Masterson’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, asked the model and actor if they remembered something in 2023 that they didn’t remember in 2017. The woman said her memory had not changed, but that she could talk more clearly than before about an attack from Masterson (her ex-boyfriend of 5 years) which happened at their house.

She said that one night, Masterson was on top of her and forcing her to do something she didn’t want. She shouted for him to stop, but he held her arms down with his weight. Eventually, she managed to get him off by pulling his hair. Unfortunately, in response he hit her in the face and spit on her.

Holley questioned each of these issues during her questioning. She asked why she didn’t tell Los Angeles police officers and the prosecutor in 2017 that when she saw Masterson trying to have sex with her, she was only trying to go to sleep. She answered, “That’s the same thing for me. I’m from the South so we say ‘trying to’ when we actually mean ‘you’re doing it.'”.

Holley said that this was confusing because Masterson had his whole body weight on her, yet she could still look into his eyes the entire time. She asked “How can he be lying on top of me and also have his head above mine?” The woman answered by saying she just remembered seeing his face and feeling him on her, but couldn’t recall where exactly he had placed his hands.

Holley questioned why the woman did not mention Masterson pinning down her arms during the conversations with police and prosecutors in 2017.

The woman said that she didn’t include all the information during her early talks, and at that time she was unaware how important it is to be thorough when giving details. Later on when she spoke several times to various officials and testified at court both for Masterson’s preliminary hearing and trial, she realized the importance of exactness when talking about what happened.

The woman said that she wished she understood that during an interview with the detective or prosecutor, it is important to be very clear and accurate with all of the details that you provide. She also expressed how difficult it is sometimes for her to talk about hard things and she was truthfully doing her best.

She was clearly nervous, saying sorry a lot and sometimes getting upset. But she stayed calm. Big Big News usually does not let people who say they have been sexually abused to be known by their names. This woman had a relationship with Masterson from 1996 until 2002 and reported him to the police in late 2016.

Danny Masterson, who used to appear in the popular TV sitcom ‘That ’70s Show’, is currently facing allegations of rape from three different women.

If he gets convicted for all these three counts, he could end up spending 45 long years in prison!

However, Danny has pleaded not guilty and his attorneys are saying that these stories which were told by the women many years ago contain a lot of contradictions and can’t be believed.

At first, there was an attempted trial for him in November but the jury did not have enough votes to say he was guilty. When the women involved agreed to speak up again, the prosecutors decided to try him once again.

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