Mississippi Gov. Reeves faces 2 GOP rivals in Tuesday’s primary, while Democrat Presley is unopposed

by Ryan Lee
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Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves is vying for the Republican nomination in the upcoming primary election. He aims to secure a second term and faces two political newcomers, John Witcher and David Hardigree, who have run low-budget campaigns and criticized his handling of certain issues. Reeves seems confident in his chances, highlighting Mississippi’s positive economic indicators, including a low unemployment rate and steady job growth.

On the other side, Democrat Brandon Presley, a four-term member of the Mississippi Public Service Commission, is running unopposed for the Democratic nomination. Presley emphasizes his understanding of the struggles faced by working-class families, having grown up in a financially challenged household. He pledges to eliminate the state’s 7% tax on groceries and advocates for expanding Medicaid coverage to help low-wage workers without private health insurance.

The general election, scheduled for November 7, will see either Presley or the Republican nominee facing independent candidate Gwendolyn Gray, who prioritizes alleviating poverty as a key issue in her campaign.

Reeves opposes Medicaid expansion, considering it as “welfare” and aims to eliminate the state income tax altogether, which he believes will benefit the working population. He highlights that “national liberals” are backing Presley and emphasizes his support for laws limiting the rights of transgender individuals.

The lieutenant governor’s race in Mississippi also features three candidates: first-term Lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann, state Sen. Chris McDaniel, and educator Tiffany Longino.

Overall, the election in Mississippi is seen as significant, and while Republicans have dominated statewide offices for the past 20 years, the Democratic Governors Association chair, Phil Murphy, believes a strong Democrat could potentially win this time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Election

1. Who is running for Mississippi Governor in the primary election?

Answer: Governor Tate Reeves is seeking the Republican nomination for a second term. He faces two political newcomers, John Witcher and David Hardigree, in the primary election.

2. Is there a Democratic candidate running for Mississippi Governor?

Answer: Yes, Democrat Brandon Presley is running for Mississippi Governor. He is currently unopposed for the Democratic nomination.

3. What are the main issues in the election campaign?

Answer: The main issues in the election campaign include the state’s economy, with Reeves highlighting low unemployment and job growth, while Presley focuses on addressing poverty and advocating for Medicaid expansion and the elimination of the state’s 7% tax on groceries.

4. When is the general election, and who are the candidates?

Answer: The general election is scheduled for November 7. The candidates will be either Brandon Presley (Democrat) or the Republican nominee (likely Tate Reeves) facing independent candidate Gwendolyn Gray.

5. What are the positions of the candidates on healthcare and social issues?

Answer: Reeves opposes Medicaid expansion and has signed laws limiting the rights of transgender individuals. Presley, on the other hand, supports expanding Medicaid coverage and aims to address the needs of working-class families.

6. How long has the Republican Party held the governorship in Mississippi?

Answer: The Republican Party has held the governorship in Mississippi for the past 20 years.

7. What are the other important races in Mississippi’s election?

Answer: Apart from the gubernatorial race, Mississippi also has a three-person Republican primary for the lieutenant governor position, featuring Delbert Hosemann, Chris McDaniel, and Tiffany Longino.

8. Who is Gwendolyn Gray, and what is her focus in the election?

Answer: Gwendolyn Gray is an independent candidate. She leads a nonprofit organization focused on aiding homeless children and emphasizes alleviating poverty as a key concern in her campaign.

9. How are the governor and lieutenant governor positions related in Mississippi?

Answer: Unlike in some states where the governor and lieutenant governor run as a ticket, in Mississippi, they run separately. The lieutenant governor has significant authority in the state Senate, including choosing committee leaders and deciding the fate of bills.

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