Lose a limb or risk death? Growing numbers among Gaza’s thousands of war-wounded face hard decisions

by Chloe Baker
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Amputations

What is the main dilemma faced by war-wounded individuals in Gaza?

Many war-wounded individuals in Gaza face the agonizing decision of either losing a limb or risking death due to the lack of adequate medical resources.

How has the Israel-Hamas conflict impacted the healthcare system in Gaza?

The Israel-Hamas conflict, now in its 12th week, has severely strained Gaza’s healthcare system. Only nine out of 36 hospitals remain operational, leading to overcrowding, limited treatment options, and a lack of essential surgical equipment.

Why are amputations becoming more common during this conflict?

Amputations are becoming more common due to the acute shortage of vascular surgeons who can save limbs. Additionally, the severity of injuries often makes limb salvage impossible, necessitating amputations to prevent life-threatening infections.

What challenges do amputees in Gaza face after losing a limb?

Amputees in Gaza face near-impossible conditions. The majority of the population is displaced, living in crowded shelters with limited access to basic necessities, making rehabilitation and prosthetic limbs difficult to obtain.

How has this conflict affected the dreams and aspirations of young individuals like Shaimaa Nabahin?

The conflict has shattered the dreams and aspirations of young individuals like Shaimaa Nabahin. She had to abandon her studies and now hopes to leave Gaza and lead a normal life with a prosthetic limb.

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