Los Angeles City Workers Strike for One Day Citing Unjust Labor Practices

by Sophia Chen
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On Tuesday, over 11,000 employees of Los Angeles, comprising of workers in sanitation, lifeguarding, and traffic control, staged a 24-hour walkout, protesting what they claim are unjust labor practices.

Before the break of day, picket lines were formed at various places, including Los Angeles International Airport, and a demonstration was scheduled for later in the day at City Hall. According to SEIU Local 721, among the strikers were airport custodians, heavy duty mechanics, and engineers.

The reason for the strike, the union stated, is the city’s failure to negotiate in good faith, coupled with actions that have limited the rights of both employees and the union itself.

Mayor Karen Bass of Los Angeles responded on Monday, emphasizing the importance of city workers to both the city’s services and the economy. She assured that the city has been engaged in honest negotiations with SEIU 721 since January and reiterated their commitment to work towards progress around the clock.

This is not the first such labor disturbance in the nation’s second-largest city recently. In the past few months, strikes have been staged by Hollywood writers, actors, hotel workers, and school staff, and there have also been contract issues at Southern California ports.

Mayor Bass maintained that the city will continue to operate, though some services like parking enforcement and traffic operations may be impacted. Trash collection schedules will also be modified for the week, returning to normal on Monday, according to officials.

Travelers to and from Los Angeles International Airport were advised to plan for additional travel time during the strike. Airport spokesperson Dae Levine assured on Monday that measures are being taken to keep operations as close to normal as possible.

The Department of Recreation and Parks revealed that approximately 300 lifeguards were expected to join the strike, though it was not immediately clear whether swimming pools would be closed. Meanwhile, around 300 employees of the Port of Los Angeles were also anticipated to participate in the walkout. Port spokesperson Phillip Sanfield expressed respect for the employees’ bargaining rights and confirmed that port operations would go on.

A one-year agreement was reached with the city by the union in November 2022, with the understanding that smaller specific proposals, or “specials,” would be negotiated later. However, SEIU Local 721 Chief of Staff Gilda Valdez claimed that the city backed out on this promise, leading to the union filing an unfair labor practice claim.

Valdez described the strike as a forceful message to the city, urging them to negotiate, and acknowledged the continuous effort of union members to keep the city functioning throughout the pandemic.

The union is set to recommence negotiations with the city during the week of August 14.

In related news, nearly 4,500 city employees in San Jose, Northern California, represented by two unions, voted on Monday to sanction a three-day strike scheduled for the coming week.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Los Angeles strike

Who participated in the 24-hour strike in Los Angeles?

Over 11,000 Los Angeles city employees, including sanitation workers, lifeguards, traffic officers, airport custodians, heavy duty mechanics, and engineers participated in the strike.

What were the reasons behind the strike?

The union cited the city’s failure to negotiate in good faith, actions limiting the rights of employees and the union, and the city reneging on a promise to negotiate specific proposals as the reasons behind the strike.

Were any other services in Los Angeles affected by the strike?

Yes, the strike affected some services such as parking enforcement and traffic operations. Trash pickup was staggered by one day citywide and Los Angeles International Airport officials urged travelers to allow for extra travel time.

What is the city’s response to the strike?

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass insisted the city has been bargaining in good faith with SEIU 721 since January and stated that the city will not shut down, although some services would be affected.

Is this the only recent strike in Los Angeles?

No, this is part of a series of labor disturbances in Los Angeles, including strikes by Hollywood writers, actors, hotel workers, school staff, and a contract dispute at Southern California ports.

When will the union return to the bargaining table with the city?

The union plans to return to the bargaining table with the city the week of August 14 to resume talks.

Were other areas affected by labor disputes?

Yes, in Northern California, nearly 4,500 San Jose city employees voted to authorize a three-day strike for the following week.

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UnionStrong August 8, 2023 - 6:28 pm

Solidarity with the workers! Strikes like these are essential for change and the city should come to the table. Negotiate fair contracts now.

TravelerTom August 9, 2023 - 1:31 am

Stuck at LAX for hours thanks to this strike. I get why they’re doing it but it’s a mess for those of us caught in the middle.

TechGuy89 August 9, 2023 - 2:03 am

Just red about this, kinda surprised. Los Angeles seems to be a hotbed for labor issues right now, didnt know it was this bad.

JennyO August 9, 2023 - 4:24 am

i support the workers, they deserve fair pay and good working conditions. its time for the city to listen to them.

Sarah_M August 9, 2023 - 5:45 am

what about the pools? Hope they don’t close them, kids need somewhere to go in the summer! Strikes are never simple huh?

Mike42 August 9, 2023 - 6:03 am

Cant believe this is happening again! LA has seen so many strikes lately. What’s going on with the city management. They need to get their act together.


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