Longtime Democrat from New York, Brian Higgins, to leave Congress early next year

by Andrew Wright
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Congressional Departure

Long-serving Democratic Congressman Brian Higgins of New York has announced his departure from Congress early next year. Citing growing frustration with the dysfunction in Washington, Higgins, aged 64, revealed his decision during a press conference. He intends to vacate his office in the first week of February. Higgins, who has been a member of the House Ways and Means and Budget committees, began his tenth term in January.

In explaining his departure, Higgins emphasized the substantial transformation of Congress from the institution he joined 19 years ago. He lamented the increased time spent on less productive work and a perceived failure to serve the American people effectively.

Higgins joins a growing list of Congress members who have recently declared that they will not seek reelection next year. This includes Republican Representative Brad Wenstrup of Ohio, who made a similar announcement last week.

During his announcement at the Buffalo History Museum, Higgins expressed his desire to return to the city and continue serving the community he has represented in Washington for nearly two decades. While he has received offers, he has not yet determined his future plans.

Higgins’ departure is expected to lead to a special election in the spring for New York’s heavily Democratic 26th Congressional District, which encompasses parts of Erie and Niagara counties, including Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

Throughout his tenure in Congress, Higgins has been recognized for his leadership in revitalizing Buffalo’s waterfront, dating back to 2005 when he secured funding from the New York Power Authority, which generates hydropower from diverted water from Niagara Falls. He has also co-chaired the Northern Border Caucus and Bipartisan Cancer Caucus while being a member of the Great Lakes Task Force.

State Senator Tim Kennedy, a fellow Buffalo Democrat, praised Higgins for his strategic and innovative work in Washington and western New York, highlighting his unwavering commitment to public service. Kennedy is considered a potential candidate to succeed Higgins in Congress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Congressional Departure

Why is Congressman Brian Higgins leaving Congress early?

Congressman Brian Higgins is leaving Congress early due to growing frustration with the dysfunction in Washington. He believes it’s time for a change.

When does Congressman Higgins plan to leave office?

Congressman Higgins plans to leave office during the first week of February.

How long has Brian Higgins served in Congress?

Brian Higgins began his 10th term in Congress in January, indicating nearly two decades of service.

What impact will his departure have on his congressional district?

Brian Higgins’ departure is expected to trigger a special election in New York’s 26th Congressional District, which is heavily Democratic. This will determine his successor.

What notable achievements is Congressman Higgins known for during his time in Congress?

Congressman Higgins is credited with leading efforts to revitalize Buffalo’s waterfront, securing funding from the New York Power Authority. He has also been involved in various caucuses and task forces focused on regional and national issues.

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