Live updates | Timing for the Israel-Hamas pause in fighting to be announced in the next 24 hours

by Joshua Brown

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ceasefire

What is the key development in this text?

The key development in this text is the announcement of a ceasefire agreement between Israel and the Hamas militant group, with the involvement of Washington and Qatar as brokers.

How long has the conflict been ongoing?

The conflict mentioned in the text has been ongoing for seven weeks at the time of this announcement.

What are the terms of the ceasefire agreement?

Under the outline of the ceasefire agreement, Hamas is set to release at least 50 of the roughly 240 hostages taken during their October 7th attack on Israel. The ceasefire is expected to last for four days.

What is the significance of this ceasefire?

The ceasefire holds significance as it offers hope for the release of hostages and a temporary halt to the devastating conflict, providing some relief to the war-weary Palestinians in Gaza.

How many casualties have been reported in the conflict?

According to health authorities, more than 11,000 people have been killed in Gaza, while approximately 1,200 people have been killed in Israel, primarily during the initial incursion by Hamas.

How is the international community responding to this ceasefire?

The text mentions various international responses, including statements from the Vatican, the European Union, France, China, Russia, the United States, and the International Committee of the Red Cross, among others, expressing hope for peace, humanitarian aid, and an end to hostilities.

Are there any specific actions being taken as part of this ceasefire?

The text mentions the evacuation of patients from Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, as well as efforts to release Palestinian prisoners in Israel as part of the ceasefire agreement.

Is there any criticism or opposition to the ceasefire?

The text does not mention specific criticism or opposition to the ceasefire, but it does highlight that Israel’s Ministry of Justice published a list of Palestinian prisoners who could potentially be released, with a 24-hour window for public objections in accordance with Israeli law.

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EUGivesAid November 22, 2023 - 6:35 pm

EU wants 2 send aid 2 gaza, thats good, hope it gets there soon

Peace4All November 23, 2023 - 5:01 am

hope the release of hostages happens smoothly and fast so ppl can get relief


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