J Balvin returns to his reggaeton roots on the romantic ‘Amigos’ — and no, it is not about Bad Bunny

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Reggaeton Revival

J Balvin returns to his reggaeton origins with the heartfelt track “Amigos” – and to clarify, it has no connection to Bad Bunny.

During a visit to a Frank Sinatra-themed eatery located within the Encore, a lavish hotel and casino on the bustling Vegas strip, Colombian musician J Balvin engaged in a conversation about his fascination with Formula One.

During last month’s Las Vegas Grand Prix, Balvin stood out as the only artist to perform twice over the motorsport weekend. For him, this was an opportunity to engage with a global sport as a globally recognized musician. It also presented a chance to introduce his latest single, the reggaeton masterpiece titled “Amigos,” on the Sphere, the world’s largest LED screen.

At one point during the week, an advertisement projected on the Sphere featured a photo and the message, “J Balvin doesn’t need more friends.” Some fans might have misinterpreted this as a response to a verse in Bad Bunny’s track “Thunder y Lightning.” In this song, the Puerto Rican star mentions, “Ustedes me han visto con los mismo mientras ustedes son amigo de todo el mundo como Balvin,” which in English translates to “You guys have seen me with the same people while you all are friends with the whole world like Balvin.”

Balvin wants to make it clear that “Amigos” has no connection to Bad Bunny. He stated, “I ain’t got time for that. I got a lot of love for the guy. The friend that I know at the time was amazing, you know? So, like, he might be going through something. I see him as like a little brother, so it’s like being mad at your little brother, so, like, I’m not going to take it personally.” According to him, “Amigos” is not a response.

In reality, “Amigos” marks a return to what Balvin refers to as “romantic reggaeton,” the genre that initially endeared him to his fans. He mentions that when he released the fiery track “Dientes” in September, which was inspired by the ’00s club scene and incorporated elements of Usher’s “Yeah!,” his fans were anticipating reggaeton – what he calls his “original sound.” Now, he has delivered exactly what they were hoping for.

In the sentimental single “Amigos,” Balvin croons lines like “Fue la culpa de la rutina, de que lo nuestro se jodiera. Yo, tuve que soltarte aunque eso me doliera,” which translates to “It was the fault of routine, that what we had was messed up. I had to let you go even though it hurt.”

With “Amigos,” J Balvin is revisiting his musical roots. Thematically, it explores how routine can erode love, turning a relationship into something more akin to friendship, where the passion dwindles – a situation that many can relate to. However, Balvin remains hopeful, believing that one can revive and rekindle the spark. He sincerely hopes that everyone enjoys it, acknowledging that music defies a formula and involves taking risks, a unique business where you unveil the product before anyone tastes it. Yet, such risk-taking is an integral part of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Reggaeton Revival

Q: Is “Amigos” by J Balvin related to his friendship with Bad Bunny?

A: No, “Amigos” is not related to J Balvin’s friendship with Bad Bunny. Balvin clarified that the song has no connection to Bad Bunny, and he holds a lot of respect for him.

Q: What is the theme of J Balvin’s song “Amigos”?

A: “Amigos” explores the theme of how routine can impact a romantic relationship, turning it into something more akin to friendship, where passion can fade. Balvin believes that, despite this, one can rekindle the love and make it work again.

Q: Why did J Balvin choose to reveal “Amigos” on the Sphere in Las Vegas?

A: Balvin performed “Amigos” on the Sphere, the world’s largest LED screen, during the Las Vegas Grand Prix. He saw it as an opportunity to introduce his music to a global audience as a global musician, aligning with the grandeur of the event.

Q: How does “Amigos” compare to J Balvin’s previous music?

A: “Amigos” marks a return to what Balvin calls “romantic reggaeton,” reminiscent of the genre that initially gained him fame. It offers fans the reggaeton sound they associate with him, following a different style from some of his recent releases.

Q: What did J Balvin mean when he said, “Music doesn’t have a formula”?

A: Balvin was emphasizing that the music industry is unique because artists release their work before audiences experience it. This element of surprise and risk is inherent to the business of music, unlike most other products.

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