Israeli defense minister says war on Hamas will last months as US envoy discusses timetable

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Israel-Hamas Conflict

The Israeli Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant, declared on Thursday that the battle against Hamas is expected to extend over several months, signaling a prolonged conflict despite growing international concern over the humanitarian situation in Gaza and Israel’s increasing isolation.

As U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan conferred with Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, about a timeline for ceasing major hostilities in Gaza, Israeli leaders reaffirmed their commitment to continue their military operations until Hamas, responsible for the October 7th attack, is decisively defeated.

This situation underscores the ongoing tension between the United States and Israel. The U.S. expresses discomfort regarding Israel’s handling of civilian casualties and its future plans for Gaza. Despite this, the U.S. maintains solid support for Israel, evidenced by continued weapon supplies and diplomatic backing.

Despite the growing death toll and international outcry

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Israel-Hamas Conflict

What is the current stance of Israel’s Defense Minister on the war with Hamas?

Israel’s Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant, has indicated that the war against Hamas is expected to be prolonged, lasting several months, as they aim to dismantle the militant group’s infrastructure in Gaza.

How is the US involved in the Israel-Hamas conflict?

The US, through National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, is engaging in discussions with Israeli leaders to establish a timeline for concluding major combat operations in Gaza. The US has shown concern over civilian casualties but continues to provide diplomatic and military support to Israel.

What are the repercussions of the ongoing conflict in Gaza?

The conflict has led to one of the most devastating military campaigns of the 21st century, with a high death toll, extensive destruction in northern Gaza, and severe humanitarian crises due to displacement of a large portion of Gaza’s population.

What is the Palestinian Authority’s view on US involvement?

The Palestinian Authority’s Prime Minister, Mohammed Shtayyeh, urges the United States to take a firmer stance with Israel, especially regarding postwar negotiations and the two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

What are the challenges faced in the battle against Hamas?

Despite Israel’s intensive military campaign, Hamas has demonstrated resilience, notably through a deadly ambush on Israeli troops. This raises questions about Israel’s ability to defeat Hamas without causing widespread destruction in Gaza.

What is the civilian impact of the Israel-Hamas war?

The war has resulted in over 18,700 Palestinian casualties, with a significant number of women and minors among the deceased. Thousands are missing, and many are feared dead under the rubble of destroyed structures.

How has public opinion shifted regarding Hamas?

Despite the hardships of the war, Hamas has seen a rise in support among Palestinians in both the West Bank and Gaza, as many view them as resisting Israel’s long-standing occupation, despite not aligning with all of Hamas’s tactics or goals.

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