Identification of Decades-Old Remains Near Arizona-Nevada Border

by Sophia Chen
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Nearly half a century ago, hikers came across human remains in a superficial burial site near a lake along the Arizona-Nevada boundary. These remains have now been identified.

The individual was identified as Luis Alonso Paredes, originally from El Salvador. At the time of his demise, he might have resided or been employed in the vicinity of Las Vegas, as per the announcement from the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday.

The discovery of the remains occurred on November 23, 1976. They were found in a desert region in the northwestern part of Arizona, situated just to the east of Lake Mohave.

The sheriff’s office detailed that an initial post-mortem examination indicated that the man was probably in his early to mid-thirties and had succumbed to a gunshot wound to the head at a close range. Although fingerprints were collected during the autopsy, the investigation eventually stalled, leaving the man’s identity unknown for nearly five decades.

On Tuesday, the sheriff’s office disclosed in a press release that they resumed the investigation in October. This involved comparing the gathered fingerprints with extensive fingerprint databases, which ultimately led to this significant identification.

However, the search for any living relatives of Paredes continues. It is believed that he may have worked for the U.S. Coast Guard and the Navy in the San Francisco area around ten years prior to his passing.

The sheriff’s office is reaching out to the public for any information related to the case or assistance in locating Paredes’s relatives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Arizona-Nevada unidentified remains

Who was identified from the remains found near the Arizona-Nevada border?

The remains were identified as those of Luis Alonso Paredes, originally from El Salvador, who might have been living or working in the Las Vegas area at the time of his death.

When were the remains of Luis Alonso Paredes discovered?

The remains were discovered on November 23, 1976, in a desert area in northwestern Arizona, just east of Lake Mohave.

What did the initial autopsy of the remains found in 1976 reveal?

The autopsy revealed that the victim was likely in his early to mid-30s and had died from a gunshot wound to the head at close range.

How were the remains of Luis Alonso Paredes finally identified?

The identification was made by comparing the fingerprints collected during the 1976 autopsy with extensive fingerprint databases.

Are there any known relatives of Luis Alonso Paredes?

Authorities have not been able to locate any relatives of Paredes and are seeking information from the public to help in locating them.

What is the public being asked regarding the case of Luis Alonso Paredes?

The public is requested to provide any information that could help in locating relatives of Paredes or details about the case.

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