Hollywood Workers Turn to Side Hustles to Survive During Ongoing Strikes

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Hollywood Side Hustles

The entertainment industry, known for its glitz and glamour, is currently grappling with a prolonged strike that has left many workers struggling to make ends meet. Among them is Ryan Meyer, a seasoned lighting specialist whose livelihood depends on the industry.

Before the Hollywood strikes, Meyer worked tirelessly, putting in 40 hours a week or more as a gaffer or director of photography. He also ran a company that typically raked in over a million dollars a year in production support. However, most of his income has evaporated due to the contract disputes that have resulted in months of picket lines by writers and actors.

In this challenging climate, Meyer, a 50-year-old residing in Los Angeles, has resorted to taking on any paying work he can find. From odd jobs like lighting an actor’s home foyer to make them look good, to assisting neighbors with tasks like Jacuzzi repair and firewood cutting, Meyer and countless others in the industry are embracing side hustles to pay the bills.

Side hustles have long been part of the actor and writer’s life, but now they have become a lifeline for many. Jesse McLaren, a staff writer in Los Angeles, turned his pandemic hobby of crafting custom snow globes into a full-time income source, selling them through his Etsy shop. The strikes have pushed him to sell around 40 snow globes at $299 each, effectively covering his mortgage payment for the month.

As the strikes continue to break records and negotiations remain ongoing, industry funds aimed at helping workers are experiencing unprecedented demand. Many workers are facing eviction notices, utility shutoffs, and mortgage foreclosures, and the financial hardships are expected to persist even if the strikes come to an end soon.

The use of artificial intelligence has emerged as a contentious issue in the disputes, alongside concerns about better pay, benefits, and job security. Actors are worried about losing control of their likenesses to AI, while writers fear they may have to share or lose credit due to technology.

Despite the challenges, there are stories of resilience. Actor Autumn Monroe found consulting and writing work through a sorority sister, preserving her financial stability during the strikes. Shadi Petosky, a showrunner and writer in Los Angeles, has taken on various jobs, including bookkeeping and appliance repair, to make ends meet. Even those like Bethany Layla Johnson, who has befriended on-set photographers to help them sell images, are finding new avenues for income.

In the midst of the turmoil, Hollywood workers are redefining what it means to hustle to survive. From custom snow globes to notary services and bartending, they are adapting to a changing landscape, all while hoping for a resolution to the strikes that have upended their lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hollywood Side Hustles

Q: What is the main cause of the Hollywood strikes mentioned in the text?

A: The Hollywood strikes are primarily caused by contract disputes involving writers and actors, leading to prolonged picket lines.

Q: How are Hollywood workers coping with the financial challenges brought about by the strikes?

A: Hollywood workers, including lighting specialists and writers, are turning to side hustles and various odd jobs to make ends meet during the strikes. They are adapting and seeking alternative sources of income.

Q: Is there any mention of the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the strikes?

A: Yes, the text discusses the role of AI as a contentious issue in the strikes. Actors fear losing control of their likenesses to AI, and writers are concerned about sharing or losing credit due to technological advancements.

Q: Are there any examples of individuals who have successfully transitioned their hobbies into sources of income?

A: Yes, Jesse McLaren’s story is highlighted in the text. He turned his hobby of creating custom snow globes into a full-time income source during the strikes.

Q: How are industry funds assisting workers affected by the strikes?

A: Industry funds are providing financial support to workers affected by the strikes. As the strikes continue, the demand for these funds has surged due to the financial hardships faced by many workers, including eviction notices and utility shutoffs.

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