He was told his 9-year-old daughter was dead. Now she’s believed to be alive and a hostage in Gaza

by Sophia Chen
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hostage

Q: What happened to Emily Tony Korenberg Hand?

A: Emily Tony Korenberg Hand, a 9-year-old, is believed to be a hostage in Gaza. Initially, her father was informed that she had been found dead, but later, it was revealed that her body had not been recovered, and there was no evidence of her among the casualties in Be’eri.

Q: How did Emily’s father react to the news of her supposed death?

A: When initially told that Emily had been found dead, her father, Thomas Hand, was somewhat relieved, as he preferred that to her being taken hostage. However, his world turned upside down when he learned that her body had not been recovered, and she was believed to be held captive.

Q: What is the background of Emily and her family?

A: Emily and her father, both dual Irish-Israeli citizens, had experienced heartbreak before. Emily’s mother, Liat Korenberg, passed away from breast cancer when Emily was 2½ years old. Emily and her mother had moved in with Thomas Hand at Be’eri before Liat’s passing. Emily is close with her father’s ex-wife, Narkis Hand, and her half-siblings, including Natalie.

Q: How is Emily’s family trying to raise awareness and support for her?

A: Emily’s father, Thomas Hand, has been actively raising awareness about her situation. He unveiled a billboard featuring Emily’s image in Times Square, with plans to display more across the United States. The goal is to draw attention to the hostages’ plight and advocate for their safe return.

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