Former Tucker Carlson Producer Settles with Fox News for $12M in Dominion Case

by Joshua Brown

A former producer of Tucker Carlson at Fox News has reached a settlement of $12 million with the network, ending her claims of a discriminatory workplace and coerced false testimony in Dominion Inc.’s defamation lawsuit, according to her lawyer on Friday.

Abby Grossberg’s settlement includes dropping all litigation against Fox Corp., Fox News Network, and her former colleagues, including Tucker Carlson himself. The agreement was disclosed through a “Notice of Voluntary Dismissal” filed in her lawsuit earlier this year in Manhattan federal court, which was subsequently accepted and closed by the judge.

Although the notice did not specify the details of the settlement, Grossberg’s attorney, Parisis G. Filippatos, confirmed in an interview that his client would receive $12 million.

In a statement, Fox News expressed satisfaction with resolving the matter outside the courtroom, stating, “We are pleased that we have been able to resolve this matter without further litigation.”

Grossberg also released a statement, standing by her claims made in the Manhattan lawsuit and another lawsuit in Delaware State Superior Court. She expressed hope that the resolution signaled a positive step by Fox News regarding its treatment of women and minorities in the workplace.

According to the Manhattan lawsuit, Grossberg alleged that Fox’s legal team coerced, intimidated, and misled her during preparations for her testimony in the legal battle between the network and Dominion, an elections technology company.

She contended that she received inferior legal representation compared to her male counterparts at Fox News, leading to irreparable damage to her reputation and emotional well-being.

In April, just before the trial was set to begin, Fox News agreed to pay over $787 million to settle the lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems, relating to the network’s dissemination of false claims following the 2020 presidential election. The settlement was reached shortly before Tucker Carlson was expected to testify.

Less than a week later, on April 24, Carlson, the network’s most popular personality, was fired. Grossberg had worked as the “Head of Booking” for Carlson from September 5 to March.

In her federal lawsuit, Grossberg alleged a hostile and misogynistic work environment on Carlson’s show and claimed that she was pressured to provide misleading testimony during a pretrial deposition in the Dominion case.

Grossberg’s deposition was quoted by Dominion in one of its court filings, highlighting that Fox News hosts, producers, and executives were aware that statements regarding the 2020 election being “stolen” from President Donald Trump were false or knowingly disregarded the truth.

The lawsuit stated that Grossberg’s response to the question, “If someone says something untrue on one of your shows, do you think it’s important to correct it?” was manipulated due to coercion, presenting her in a negative light professionally.

According to the lawsuit, Grossberg requested a copy of her deposition transcript after the session and expressed concerns about its accuracy due to intimidating and confusing coaching she had received. However, Fox News lawyers withheld the transcript.

As excerpts from her uncorrected deposition were included in Dominion’s pretrial arguments, prominent media outlets began questioning Grossberg’s journalistic ethics and professionalism. This resulted in severe anxiety and stress for her, according to the lawsuit, due to the public distribution of the flawed transcript.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about settlement

What is the settlement amount in the Fox News and former producer case?

The settlement amount in the Fox News and former producer case is $12 million.

What were the claims made by the former producer against Fox News?

The former producer claimed that she faced a discriminatory workplace and that the network coerced her into giving false or misleading testimony in Dominion Inc.’s defamation lawsuit.

Who is involved in the settlement?

The settlement involves Fox News, Fox Corp., the former producer, and her former co-workers, including former Fox host Tucker Carlson.

What is the significance of the “Notice of Voluntary Dismissal” filing?

The “Notice of Voluntary Dismissal” filing signifies the resolution of the litigation, with all claims brought by the former producer against Fox News and related parties being settled.

How did Dominion factor into the case?

Dominion, an elections technology company, was involved in a legal battle with Fox News. The former producer’s testimony was connected to the claims made by Dominion in the lawsuit.

Why did the former producer express hope regarding the resolution?

The former producer expressed hope that the settlement represented a positive step by Fox News in addressing the treatment of women and minorities in the workplace.

What led to the firing of Tucker Carlson?

Tucker Carlson was fired less than a week after the settlement was reached. The exact reasons for his termination were not specified in the provided text.

What impact did the former producer’s deposition have on the Dominion case?

Excerpts from the former producer’s deposition were used by Dominion in their pretrial arguments to support their position that Fox News hosts, producers, and executives were aware of false statements made about the 2020 election being “stolen” from President Donald Trump.

How did the former producer’s testimony cause emotional distress?

When her uncorrected deposition transcript was publicly distributed and media outlets questioned her journalistic ethics, the former producer experienced severe anxiety and stress, leading to emotional harm.

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LinguistGeek July 1, 2023 - 4:36 am

Another legal drama in the media world. Former producer gets paid a hefty sum for her claims against Fox News. Workplace discriminaton, coerced testimony, and reputation damage. Fox News must improve its treatment of women and minorities. Settlement ends the case, but questions remain.

NewsJunkie99 July 1, 2023 - 5:15 am

Fox News in another settlement mess! This time with a former producer who claimed discriminatn. $12M settlement is no joke. Will this have any impact on the network’s credibility? And Tucker Carlson fired? There’s got to be more to that story.

JohnDoe91 July 1, 2023 - 12:33 pm

omg, 12 million?!!! that’s like a lot of mny 4 a settlement! Fox News had to pay up, lol. The producer had guts 2 stand up against workplace discriminaton and testyfyng undr pressure. glad it’s resolved. hope it’s a wake up call 4 treating women and minorities bettr.

TechSavvyGuy July 1, 2023 - 4:12 pm

Interesting how the former producer’s deposition played a role in the Dominion case. Fox News hosts and execs under scrutiny. The public distribution of her uncorrected transcript caused anxiety and stress. Media outlets questioning her professionalism adds salt to the wound. Settlement brings closure, but impact lingers.


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