Filament Health’s CEO Advocates for Natural Psychedelics Amidst Rising Startups

by Ryan Lee
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The surge in psychedelic research has led to an influx of startups aiming to leverage the transformative effects of psychoactive drugs for treating various mental health conditions such as depression and addiction. Amidst this competitive landscape, Filament Health in Vancouver stands out with its distinct approach. The company focuses on extracting substances like psilocybin and mescaline from organic sources like mushrooms and cacti, diverging from the common practice of synthesizing these ingredients in labs.

Filament’s research is centered around psilocybin derived from mushrooms, exploring its potential in treating opioid and stimulant use disorders. This approach has gained traction, with over a dozen companies and academic institutions utilizing Filament’s naturally sourced drugs in their clinical trials for depression, chronic pain, and other mental health issues.

In an interview with The Big Big News, CEO Benjamin Lightburn discussed the benefits and ethical considerations of using psychedelics derived from natural sources. His responses were concise and clear.

Interview Highlights:

Q: What is the significance of using naturally derived psychedelics?

A: Our strategy is to extract these substances from natural sources, such as plants and fungi, adhering to the traditional human interaction with these substances. This approach not only maintains a connection with historical human consumption but also respects the practices of various traditional communities. Unlike synthetic alternatives, natural psychedelics comprise multiple active compounds, offering a more complex and potentially therapeutic experience.

Q: Can patients distinguish the difference in effects between natural and synthetic drugs?

A: We hypothesize that the additional compounds in natural psychedelics could enhance their therapeutic potential. This belief stems from the co-evolution of these substances with humans in nature.

Q: How does your company ensure ethical and sustainable sourcing of these plants?

A: An example is our work with the iboga plant in West Africa, particularly in Gabon, where it holds cultural significance for the Bwiti people. Our focus is on sustainable sourcing and respecting the indigenous communities’ rights through informed consent, reciprocity, and equitable benefit-sharing.

Q: With numerous competitors in the psychedelic market, what sets your company apart?

A: Filament Health is unique in its exclusive commitment to natural psychedelics. We have successfully transitioned our products into clinical trials and garnered significant interest from researchers and investors worldwide. Our belief in the lasting relevance of psychedelics and the consumer’s desire for natural options positions us for long-term

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