European Union Delays Conclusion of Groundbreaking AI Regulations After Marathon 22-Hour Discussion; Resumption Set for Friday

by Andrew Wright
EU AI Regulation Talks

Discussions in the European Union regarding groundbreaking regulations for artificial intelligence have been temporarily halted after a continuous 22-hour session, without reaching a consensus on the comprehensive guidelines intended to govern the rapidly evolving AI technology seen in services like ChatGPT.

European Commissioner Thierry Breton announced via Twitter that the negotiations, which commenced Wednesday afternoon in Brussels and continued overnight, are scheduled to reconvene on Friday morning.

Breton noted significant advancements during the extensive talks concerning the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act, urging followers to “Stay tuned!”

The discussions involve representatives from the EU’s 27 member countries, along with lawmakers and executive commissioners, all working towards a political consensus on the AI Act. The deliberations were prolonged due to contentious issues such as the regulation of generative AI and the use of AI in police facial recognition.

A key point of contention surrounds the regulation of foundational models, which are sophisticated systems forming the backbone of general-purpose AI services, including ChatGPT and Google’s Bard chatbot.

EU legislators are advocating for a comprehensive prohibition of facial recognition technologies, citing privacy concerns. However, this stance conflicts with the desires of member state governments that seek to utilize such technology in law enforcement.

Authorities are racing against time to finalize an agreement before the European Parliament adjourns for elections across the bloc next year. They are also pressured to complete the process by the end of December, coinciding with the conclusion of Spain’s term in the rotating EU presidency.

Following its final approval, the AI Act is not expected to be implemented until at least 2025.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about EU AI Regulation Talks

Why were the EU talks on AI regulations paused?

The European Union’s discussions on comprehensive artificial intelligence regulations were paused after 22 continuous hours due to the need for further deliberation and agreement on various contentious points. These included the regulation of generative AI and AI-powered police facial recognition, as well as foundational models like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard chatbot.

When are the EU AI regulation talks expected to resume?

The talks, which began on a Wednesday and continued through the night, are scheduled to resume on the following Friday morning, as announced by European Commissioner Thierry Breton.

What are the main issues of contention in the EU AI regulation talks?

The primary issues causing extended discussions in the EU AI regulation talks include the regulation of generative AI, the use of AI in police facial recognition, and the governance of foundational models that underpin general-purpose AI services.

What is the EU’s stance on facial recognition technology?

EU lawmakers are advocating for a total ban on facial recognition systems due to privacy concerns. However, this position conflicts with the views of some member country governments that wish to use such technology for law enforcement purposes.

When is the EU AI Act expected to take effect?

Once it receives final approval, the EU AI Act is not anticipated to be implemented until at least 2025. The officials are aiming to finalize the agreement before the European Parliament disbands for bloc-wide elections next year and before the end of Spain’s term in the rotating EU presidency in December.

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Mike J. December 8, 2023 - 6:04 am

interesting how EU always tries to stay ahead in tech regulatins, but this AI stuff is super complex, they gotta be careful not to stifle innovation!!

Jenny_bee December 8, 2023 - 2:55 pm

wonder how this will affect services we use daily, like google and chatbots… EU decisions usually have wide impacts, right?

SandraL December 8, 2023 - 11:25 pm

wow 22 hours? that’s a long meeting… must be really hard to agree on things like facial recognition, privacy is a big deal these days.

TechGuru91 December 9, 2023 - 1:17 am

these talks are crucial, AI like ChatGPT is changing everything. Hope they find the right balance, too strict and it might hold back progress.


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