Detroit-area doctor grieves the loss of 20 relatives killed during Israel’s war against Hamas

by Ryan Lee
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Israel-Hamas Conflict

Dr. Emad Shehada, a pulmonologist based in the suburbs of Detroit, lives in a state of constant anxiety with each phone call, fearing further tragic news from Gaza. He shared that 20 of his relatives, including cousins, have perished since Israel launched its offensive against Hamas. This military action followed the deadly incursion by Hamas into southern Israel on October 7, triggering the ongoing conflict.

The Health Ministry in Gaza reports over 11,000 Palestinian casualties, predominantly women and minors, since the war’s onset, without distinguishing between civilians and militants. Additionally, approximately 2,700 individuals are reported missing. In Israel, the death toll exceeds 1,200, mostly due to the Hamas attack, and about 240 Israeli hostages were taken to Gaza by Palestinian militants.

Among the lost family members Dr. Shehada mourns are his cousin Mohammad Khrais, three of Khrais’ children, and 19-year-old Mayar, who was expecting a child. Speaking to WXYZ-TV, Dr. Shehada expressed the profound personal impact of the conflict, describing the experience as a relentless nightmare.

Originally from Kuwait and having lived in Syria, Dr. Shehada moved to the United States about twenty years ago, pursuing his studies at Wayne State University in Detroit. His parents, born near Gaza, now reside in the U.S. He has a sister in the U.S. and another in Gaza, with whom he communicates through text to avoid hearing her distress. He revealed that a missile strike hit a house near his sister’s, where 12 of his relatives lived, only 10 meters away from her residence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Israel-Hamas Conflict

How many relatives of Dr. Emad Shehada were killed in the Israel-Hamas conflict?

Dr. Emad Shehada, a Detroit-area pulmonologist, tragically lost 20 relatives during the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

What is Dr. Shehada’s background and where is he based?

Dr. Emad Shehada is a pulmonologist practicing in the suburbs of Detroit. Born in Kuwait and having lived in Syria, he moved to the United States about two decades ago and studied at Wayne State University in Detroit.

What has been the impact of the Israel-Hamas war in terms of casualties?

The conflict has resulted in over 11,000 Palestinian casualties, mainly women and minors, and more than 1,200 deaths in Israel, mostly due to the Hamas attack. Additionally, around 2,700 people are reported missing.

How does Dr. Shehada communicate with his sister in Gaza?

Dr. Shehada communicates with his sister in Gaza through text messages, as he finds it difficult to hear her tear-filled voice amidst the ongoing war.

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