DeSantis won’t condemn Musk for endorsing an antisemitic post. ‘I did not see the comment,’ he says

by Chloe Baker
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Antisemitism

What is the controversy surrounding Ron DeSantis and Elon Musk’s post?

Ron DeSantis, a Republican presidential candidate, faced criticism for not condemning Elon Musk’s post endorsing an antisemitic conspiracy theory. Musk’s tweet drew backlash and led to major companies pulling advertising from his social media platform, X (formerly Twitter).

Did Ron DeSantis claim to be unaware of Elon Musk’s post?

Yes, Ron DeSantis stated that he had not seen the controversial comment made by Elon Musk. He mentioned that Musk has been a target since acquiring Twitter and suggested that the criticism might stem from Musk taking the platform in a different direction.

How did Elon Musk respond to the accusations of antisemitism?

Elon Musk responded to a tweet accusing Jews of hating white people by saying, “You have said the actual truth.” This response sparked outrage and accusations of endorsing antisemitism.

What was the reaction from major advertisers?

IBM, Disney, and other major advertisers withdrew their funding from Elon Musk’s platform, X, following the controversy. This move was seen as a significant setback for the platform’s efforts to regain support from big brands.

How did the White House respond to Elon Musk’s post?

The White House criticized Musk’s post, with spokesperson Andrew Bates stating that repeating the antisemitic lie behind the most fatal act of antisemitism in American history was unacceptable, especially in the context of recent events involving Hamas and Israel.

What was Rep. Jamie Raskin’s perspective on the situation?

Maryland Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin found it difficult to believe that someone running for president hadn’t seen Musk’s post, especially four days after it was made. He insisted that explicit condemnation of antisemitism and racism is crucial and mentioned plans to write to Musk, asking him to renounce the comments.

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