Bus Collision in Canada Claims 15 Lives as Investigation Unfolds

by Andrew Wright
bus collision

According to the Canadian police, a tragic accident involving a bus carrying seniors on their way to a casino resulted in the loss of 15 lives. After reviewing video footage of the incident, law enforcement officials confirmed that the bus did not have the right of way during the collision with a semi-trailer truck.

Superintendent Rob Lasson of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police revealed that witness statements from passing motorists supported the findings captured by the dash cam of the semi-truck involved. “The video clearly shows that the bus entered the roadway where the semi-truck had the right of way,” stated Lasson, acknowledging the unknown reasons behind the bus’s actions.

Lasson mentioned that due to the bus driver’s hospitalization, authorities had not been able to interview them. Conversely, the truck driver had been discharged from the hospital. As the investigation remains ongoing, Lasson emphasized that assigning blame was not the current focus, and the police were also considering the possibility of mechanical issues with the truck.

The identification process for the 15 deceased individuals has not yet been completed, but it was presumed that those who did not sustain injuries had tragically passed away. The victims’ ages ranged from 58 to 88, with six men and nineteen women among them. The group of seniors, hailing from rural Dauphin, Manitoba, had embarked on a day-trip when the accident occurred on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Health officials revealed that six out of the ten surviving seniors were in critical condition, while the remaining four were also hospitalized, predominantly suffering from head injuries and broken bones. Dr. Shawn Young, the chief operating officer of Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg, noted the potential challenges faced by this elderly group in their recovery process.

Chief Medical Examiner John Younes explained that due to severe facial trauma, visual identification of the deceased was not feasible, prompting the use of scientific methods such as fingerprints, dental records, and even artificial hip serial numbers or DNA, if necessary. Younes expressed the hope of completing post-mortem examinations by Monday and finalizing identifications by the following week.

In Dauphin, where most of the bus passengers resided, flags were flown at half-staff to honor the victims. Sandra Kaleta, associated with the Dauphin Active Living Centre, personally knew some of the individuals on the bus and shared her concerns about their well-being. The anticipation and excitement of the rare casino outing were palpable among the group, which had not occurred since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the flag at Ottawa’s Peace Tower on Parliament Hill would be lowered as a tribute. The tragic incident took place shortly before noon on Thursday, under clear road conditions. Rescue teams encountered a harrowing scene, with bodies strewn across the road.

The semi-truck remained upright in a nearby ditch, its front end mangled, while the bus lay on the grass, engulfed in flames that ultimately reduced it to a charred frame. Dauphin Mayor David Bosiak expressed the city’s collective shock, as nearly everyone in the community of approximately 8,600 knew someone who was on the bus. The accident revived painful memories of a 2018 bus crash in the neighboring province of Saskatchewan, claiming the lives of 16 members of the Humboldt Broncos minor league hockey team.

In a separate incident, the police in the Canadian province of British Columbia reported no critical injuries among the 30 passengers aboard a charter bus that veered off a forest service road north of Prince George. The bus was transporting pipeline workers, and 17 individuals were transported to the hospital, according to BC Emergency Health Services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about bus collision

What was the cause of the bus collision in Canada?

The cause of the bus collision in Canada was determined to be the bus not having the right of way. Video footage and witness statements confirmed that the bus entered the roadway where the semi-truck had the right of way.

Were there any injuries or fatalities in the accident?

Yes, tragically, the bus collision resulted in the loss of 15 lives. Additionally, several individuals sustained injuries, with six of the ten survivors listed in critical condition. Most of the injuries included head injuries and broken bones.

Were the drivers of the vehicles interviewed by the police?

While the truck driver involved in the collision has been released from the hospital, the bus driver, who was also injured, has not been interviewed by the police yet. The investigation is still ongoing.

Is the police assigning blame for the accident?

At this stage, the police are not assigning blame for the accident. Their primary focus is on the investigation, which includes examining the possibility of mechanical problems with the truck. Blame determination will come later based on the findings.

How are the deceased victims being identified?

Due to significant facial trauma, visual identification of the deceased victims is not possible. Therefore, authorities are utilizing scientific means such as fingerprints, dental records, and even artificial hip serial numbers or DNA, if necessary, to identify the victims.

Are there any similarities between this accident and a previous one?

Yes, this accident brought back memories of a 2018 bus crash in Saskatchewan that claimed the lives of 16 people from the Humboldt Broncos minor league hockey team. Both incidents involved bus collisions with significant loss of life and left a lasting impact on the communities affected.

Was there another bus accident reported in British Columbia?

Yes, there was another bus accident reported in British Columbia. A charter bus carrying pipeline workers veered off a forest service road, resulting in no critical injuries but 17 individuals being transported to the hospital.

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CasinoGoer99 June 17, 2023 - 2:14 am

was just at that casino. scary to think this could happen. hope they find out what went wrong and prevent it from happening again.

LocalResident101 June 17, 2023 - 2:43 am

dauphin will never be the same. we’re a small community, and everyone knows someone impacted. let’s support each other through this tough time.

NewsAddict87 June 17, 2023 - 7:23 pm

bus collison w/semi-truck killed 15 ppl in Canada. police no blame yet. investigations goin’. maybe truck probs? so sad.

BusLover23 June 17, 2023 - 9:08 pm

omg, such a sad story. those poor seniors didn’t have the right of way, what a tragedy. hope the bus driver’s okay.

HeartbrokenDauphin June 18, 2023 - 12:45 am

my heart goes out to all the families affected. can’t imagine the pain they’re feeling. we need to prioritize road safety.

HockeyFanatic June 18, 2023 - 12:46 am

brings back memories of that awful hockey team crash. tragic accidents like these are devastating. prayers for everyone involved.


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