Australia advances to Women’s World Cup quarterfinals by beating Denmark with Sam Kerr back

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World Cup

Australia secured their spot in the Women’s World Cup quarterfinals with a triumphant 2-0 victory over Denmark, and the return of star striker Sam Kerr added to their confidence in potentially winning the tournament on home soil. The 75,784 spectators at Stadium Australia erupted in cheers as Kerr stepped onto the field after recovering from a calf injury that had kept her sidelined since before the tournament.

Kerr’s presence in the team provided a significant boost, making the Matildas even more formidable contenders. The team had already shown their strength by managing to advance without her, but her return meant they could rely on one of the world’s best strikers. Australia’s depth was highlighted with goals from Caitlin Foord and Hayley Raso, showcasing that they could perform effectively even in Kerr’s absence.

Australia’s coach, Tony Gustavsson, praised the unity and resilience of his team, which had grown stronger through the challenges and adversity they faced during the tournament. The atmosphere created by the passionate fans made it feel like an away game for Denmark, and the victory added to the team’s newfound belief in their potential.

Looking ahead to the quarterfinals, Australia is set to face either France or Morocco in Brisbane, where Kerr is expected to make her first start in a World Cup. Gustavsson emphasized that it’s a team effort and a team tournament, and while Kerr’s return is undoubtedly significant, the team’s success relies on collective effort.

The win against Denmark marks only the second time Australia has reached the World Cup quarterfinals, with their previous appearance being in 2015. Caitlin Foord’s opening goal and Hayley Raso’s subsequent strike sealed the victory for the Matildas, and the fans’ excitement was palpable throughout Sydney, with even the iconic Opera House lit up in the team’s colors.

With Kerr back in action and the team’s spirits high, Australia now looks forward to their upcoming quarterfinal clash, hoping to continue their impressive run in the tournament.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about World Cup

Q: How did Australia secure their spot in the Women’s World Cup quarterfinals?

A: Australia secured their spot in the Women’s World Cup quarterfinals by defeating Denmark 2-0 in the round of 16 at Stadium Australia. With star striker Sam Kerr back from injury, the Matildas showcased their strength and are now confident contenders to win the tournament on home soil.

Q: How significant was Sam Kerr’s return to the team?

A: Sam Kerr’s return was a massive boost for Australia. Her presence as one of the best strikers in the world provided a significant advantage to the team, adding depth to their lineup and making them even more formidable contenders.

Q: Did Australia’s victory over Denmark indicate their improved performance?

A: Yes, Australia’s victory over Denmark demonstrated their improved performance. Despite facing challenges in the tournament and some doubts after an earlier loss to Nigeria, the team’s unity and resilience have grown stronger, leading to a more confident and cohesive performance.

Q: Which teams were eliminated before the quarterfinals?

A: The Women’s World Cup has seen the elimination of holders the United States, Germany, and Brazil before the quarterfinals.

Q: What were the key moments in the match against Denmark?

A: Caitlin Foord’s goal in the 29th minute, followed by Hayley Raso’s strike in the 70th minute, were the key moments that secured Australia’s 2-0 victory over Denmark. These goals showcased the team’s effectiveness in front of the goal.

Q: When will Australia play in the quarterfinals, and who will they face?

A: Australia will play their quarterfinal match in Brisbane on Saturday. The opponent will be either France or Morocco.

Q: How has the Australian team’s mood and belief changed during the tournament?

A: The Australian team’s mood and belief have changed positively during the tournament. Initially facing scrutiny after a loss to Nigeria, the team has become tighter, and the players and fans are now filled with belief and excitement as they advance in the competition.

Q: What is the significance of Australia reaching the World Cup quarterfinals?

A: Australia reaching the World Cup quarterfinals is a remarkable achievement as it is only the second time the Matildas have reached this stage in the history of the Women’s World Cup, the previous instance being in 2015.

Q: How did the fans show their support for the Australian team?

A: The fans showed their support by creating a daunting atmosphere for Denmark at Stadium Australia, with a crowd of 75,784 cheering and celebrating loudly. Even the iconic Opera House was illuminated in the team’s yellow and green colors as a show of support.

Q: What are the expectations for Sam Kerr in the upcoming matches?

A: Sam Kerr is expected to start for the first time at a World Cup in the quarterfinals. However, the team’s coach, Tony Gustavsson, emphasized that it’s a team effort, and while Kerr’s return is significant, the success of the team relies on collective performance.

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