AP Top 25: USC No Longer Ranked Under Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma State Rises to 15th

by Andrew Wright
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For the first time since Lincoln Riley took the helm, the University of Southern California has fallen from the AP Top 25 college football rankings, while Oklahoma State University makes its debut this season at No. 15.

The upper echelon of the AP Top 25 saw stability, with the leading nine teams maintaining their previous positions. The University of Georgia continues to hold the No. 1 spot, now equaling the second-longest tenure at the top of the rankings with a 21-week streak that traces back to the prior season.

Out of the first-place votes, Georgia secured 49, followed by the University of Michigan with nine, Ohio State University with three, and Florida State University receiving two.

The University of Washington stands firm at No. 5, with the University of Oregon, the University of Texas, the University of Alabama, and Pennsylvania State University following suit.

AP Top 25: Current College Football Rankings

  1. Georgia: 9-0
  2. Michigan: 9-0
  3. Ohio State: 9-0
  4. Florida State: 9-0
  5. Washington: 9-0
  6. Oregon: 8-1
  7. Texas: 8-1
  8. Alabama: 8-1
  9. Penn State: 8-1
  10. Mississippi: 8-1
  11. Louisville: 8-1
  12. Oregon State: 7-2
  13. Utah: 7-2
  14. Tennessee: 7-2
  15. Oklahoma State: 7-2
  16. Missouri: 7-2
  17. Oklahoma: 7-2
  18. LSU: 6-3
  19. Kansas: 7-2
  20. Tulane: 8-1
  21. James Madison: 9-0
  22. Notre Dame: 7-3
  23. Arizona: 6-3
  24. North Carolina: 7-2
  25. Liberty: 9-0

It’s the latest in the season that the top nine teams have remained the same since November 19, 2017.

The University of Mississippi ascends to No. 10, marking its highest position this season.

USC’s loss to Washington has resulted in its exclusion from the rankings. The team began the season at No. 6 and will now face its next game unranked for the first time since the 2021 season, which saw a 4-8 record and the early firing of then-coach Clay Helton.


  • No. 5 Washington triumphs over No. 24 USC with a dynamic offensive display.
  • No. 2 Michigan wins decisively against Purdue amidst NCAA investigation distractions.
  • Arizona defeats No. 20 UCLA, marking a third consecutive win over ranked teams.

Post-game, Coach Riley expressed his disappointment with the team’s performance and the narrow margins that have defined their season. In a strategic move, USC, after acquiring Riley and former Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams, has dismissed its defensive coordinator following recent defensive struggles.

In contrast, Oklahoma State has rebounded from a 2-2 start to a five-game winning streak, culminating in a rise to the 15th spot, a significant leap for a team previously unranked.

Georgia’s streak at No. 1 matches the University of Miami’s from 2001-02. However, they have a considerable distance to cover to reach the record of 33 set by USC from 2003-05, a streak that concluded with a loss in the national championship game, a commonality shared with Miami’s streak.


This week, four teams made their entrance into the rankings, with both Arizona and Liberty marking their season’s debut.

  • Arizona, after triumphing over UCLA, is ranked for the first time since November 2017.
  • Liberty secures its ranking for the second year in a row.

USC, along with Air Force, UCLA, and Kansas State, have been dropped from

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