AP Top 25 Takeaways: Believe the hype! Coach Prime delivers thrilling upset in debut for Colorado

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Coach Prime’s Thrilling Debut: Colorado Stuns TCU

The anticipation was real. Deion Sanders’ inaugural appearance as the coach of Colorado had been generating considerable buzz. Yet, doubts persisted about the Buffaloes’ potential, given their unprecedented overhaul of the roster in Boulder.

“We warned you of our arrival. You believed it was a jest. We’ve kept the evidence,” Sanders asserted after Colorado pulled off a stunning upset against the 17th-ranked TCU on Saturday, surpassing even the loftiest of predictions.

A squad boasting nearly 90 fresh faces managed to overcome the team that vied for the national championship in the previous season.

Where should we commence?

Sanders’ son, Shedeur, set a new school record by amassing 510 yards through the air in his inaugural major college football match following his transfer, alongside his father, from Jackson State.

Receiver and cornerback Travis Hunter engaged in an impressive 129 plays, securing 11 catches for 119 yards. However, his standout moment arrived with a crucial interception against TCU in the red zone.

Hunter, who wore a T-shirt featuring an image of his Hall of Fame coach, expressed his readiness to continue, stating, “No, I’m not fatigued; I’m prepared for more,” during the postgame session.

Freshman Dylan Edwards, recruited away from Notre Dame by Coach Prime, made his mark with 159 yards from scrimmage across 11 touches, contributing four touchdowns, including the game-winning score in the late stages of the fourth quarter.

Colorado put an end to a 27-game winning streak of ranked opponents on the road.

As the match concluded, Sanders directed his words towards the skeptics.

He confronted a reporter, questioning, “Do you now believe? I perused that nonsensical critique you composed. Do you now believe?”

Though it was just one game, it’s challenging not to envision Colorado becoming a dynamic and pertinent force. Sanders effectively rebuilt a roster from scratch and readied it for the rigors of Power Five football.

Offensive coordinator Sean Lewis, who relinquished his head coaching position at Kent State to join Sanders’ staff, appears to have been a particularly astute addition.

The forthcoming week will see Colorado engaging in their inaugural home game against Nebraska, a team boasting an equally high-profile new coach, albeit with a contrasting debut.

The Cornhuskers suffered a defeat under Matt Rhule’s leadership against Minnesota, sealed with a last-minute field goal on Thursday.

Expect Folsom Field to brim with excitement as the old Big Eight rivalry reignites.

So, what does the future hold for the Buffs?

The defense displayed shortcomings against TCU, and the offense would likely benefit from a more effective rushing game to alleviate pressure on Shedeur Sanders. Yet, these issues align Colorado with numerous teams in the Pac-12 this season.

The notion of Hunter sustaining 120 plays per game seems impractical.

Coupled with No. 14 Utah and No. 18 Oregon State, the Pac-12 conference has gained an extra layer of excitement.

For those already finding Coach Prime somewhat tiresome, be prepared: September will feature a substantial dose of CU action.

Fox is according next week’s home opener the Big Noon treatment once again, with a 10 a.m. local kickoff.

Following the clash against rival Colorado State in the subsequent week, the Buffaloes conclude September with consecutive matches against Oregon and USC.

Undoubtedly, Coach Prime has seized our attention.


The demise of the Pac-12 has dominated offseason discussions.

Merely two schools remain committed to the conference beyond this academic year: Oregon State and Washington State.

The rest are dispersing among other Power Five conferences, including Colorado, as one of four Pac-12 representatives making their way to the Big 12 next year.

Ineffectual leadership and flawed decision-making have left the Conference of Champions teetering on the brink. Even if some semblance of the conference survives, it will never be the same.

This is a lamentable reality, further compounded by the conference’s unrealized potential for excellence and entertainment.

The opening weekend provided a glimpse into this potential.

Utah’s assertive victory over Florida from the SEC on Thursday night set the tone.

On Friday, Stanford secured a win against Hawaii under the guidance of coach Troy Taylor.

Saturday brought about CU’s upset against TCU from the Big 12, along with Washington’s commanding performance against Boise State, hailed as the Mountain West standout. California’s resounding triumph over North Texas, a newcomer to the American Athletic Conference, also made an impression. Meanwhile, Oregon posted a staggering 80-point tally against an FCS opponent.


The quarterback competition at No. 3 Ohio State might not be definitively settled.

Kyle McCord and the Buckeyes’ offense showcased efficiency but failed to inspire in their workmanlike victory against Indiana, which also marked the Big Ten’s debut on CBS.

McCord tallied 20 completions on 32 attempts, accumulating 239 yards and an interception. Backup Devin Brown, whom Ohio State coach Ryan Day asserted was closely matched with McCord during the offseason, only received limited playtime.

Brown managed a 1-for-3 completion rate and a single rush that yielded a net loss of 5 yards.

The Buckeyes will have home matchups against Youngstown State and Western Kentucky to fine-tune their approach before facing No. 13 Notre Dame on September 23.

NATIONWIDE INSIGHTS: Fresno State and Northern Illinois orchestrated impressive upsets against Power Five opponents, bolstered by substantial financial rewards. Fresno State triumphed over Purdue in coach Ryan Walters’ debut, pocketing a hefty $1.35 million. Northern Illinois bested Boston College in overtime, securing $1.1 million in compensation. … Brian Ferentz, offensive coordinator for the 25th-ranked Hawkeyes, needs his team to maintain an average of 25 points per game this season to safeguard his position. Currently, he’s slightly behind this target. Iowa started strong with a 14-0 lead in the first quarter against Utah State, but then settled into a more characteristic Hawkeye performance. … No. 19 Wisconsin embraced a new Air-Raid-esque offensive approach, amassing 312 rushing yards and four touchdowns in their victory against Buffalo.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about upset victory

What was the outcome of Coach Prime’s debut with Colorado?

Coach Prime’s debut with Colorado was nothing short of spectacular. The team achieved a stunning upset victory over TCU, showcasing a remarkable performance that exceeded all expectations.

How did Deion Sanders’ son contribute to the game?

Deion Sanders’ son, Shedeur, made a significant impact by setting a school record with 510 yards passing in his first major college football game. His impressive performance was instrumental in Colorado’s victory.

Who played a key role on both offense and defense?

Receiver/cornerback Travis Hunter played a remarkable 129 snaps and had 11 catches for 119 yards. He also stood out with a crucial interception against TCU in the red zone, showcasing his versatility and impact on both sides of the ball.

How did the team’s new players contribute to the victory?

With nearly 90 new players on the roster, Colorado managed to overcome skepticism and pull off the upset against TCU. Freshman Dylan Edwards, lured away from Notre Dame, stood out with 159 yards from scrimmage on 11 touches and four touchdowns, including the game-winner.

What was the significance of this victory for Colorado?

Colorado’s victory against TCU marked the end of a 27-game winning streak against ranked teams on the road. The triumph not only validated Coach Prime’s efforts but also signaled the team’s emergence as a strong contender in college football.

How did Deion Sanders respond to the doubters?

Following the victory, Deion Sanders directly addressed the doubters and critics, challenging them to reconsider their skepticism. He expressed confidence in his team’s abilities and highlighted their determination to prove their worth.

What lies ahead for Colorado after this victory?

Colorado’s upcoming schedule includes a home game against Nebraska, a highly anticipated clash that is sure to draw significant attention. The victory against TCU has positioned Colorado as a team to watch, raising excitement for their future games.

How did the Pac-12 conference fare during the opening weekend?

The Pac-12 conference showcased its potential for excitement and entertainment during the opening weekend. Notable victories and strong performances by conference teams underscored the competitiveness and quality of play within the Pac-12.

What are the challenges and potential improvements for Colorado moving forward?

While Colorado’s victory against TCU was impressive, there are areas for improvement. The defense’s performance raised concerns, and the offense may need to enhance its running game to ease pressure on Shedeur Sanders. These challenges are consistent with trends in the Pac-12 this season.

How is Coach Prime’s coaching staff contributing to the team’s success?

Coach Prime’s coaching staff, including offensive coordinator Sean Lewis, played a pivotal role in Colorado’s victory. Lewis, who left a head coaching position at Kent State to join Sanders’ staff, has been a valuable addition, contributing to the team’s readiness and success on the field.

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