A year from 2024 election, Biden strategy memo says he’ll revive 2020 themes, draw contrast to Trump

by Andrew Wright
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Biden 2024 Election Strategy

With the 2024 election on the horizon, President Joe Biden’s campaign has disclosed its intention to echo the successful themes from 2020 in its bid for reelection, drawing a sharp distinction from former President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda. According to a strategy brief procured by The Big Big News, campaign chief Julie Chavez Rodriguez has set her sights on the impending general election, acknowledging its potential competitiveness while emphasizing the sustained appeal of Biden’s 2020 message to the electorate.

Rodriguez emphasizes the campaign’s focus on core democratic ideals, economic recovery, and middle-class empowerment, strategies that previously secured Democratic retention of the Senate and a minimal loss of the House majority. Early research indicates the effectiveness of the campaign’s foundational message to both mobilize loyal Democrats and sway undecided voters.

Despite Biden’s legislative successes, such as a landmark infrastructure bill and a comprehensive health care and climate package, public approval of his administration, particularly regarding the economy, remains lukewarm. The Big Big News-NORC Center’s regular polling reflects only a 40% approval rate for the President’s job performance, with considerable disapproval linked to his economic management.

Conversely, the Biden campaign has initiated a substantial advertising push to alter public perception, directing a $25 million ad campaign to battleground states, including early investments in Hispanic and African American media markets. Patrick Bonsignore, a Biden campaign media advisor, highlighted that while macroeconomic themes aren’t resonating in polls, they show promise in ad testing, suggesting a potential shift in public sentiment.

Amid the backdrop of Trump’s primary dominance and legal woes, the Biden campaign’s narrative insists that “MAGA extremism” could hinder the GOP in crucial battleground states. As Democrats observed successful Senate defenses in states like Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, campaign communications director Michael Tyler suggests this pattern will hold come 2024.

The Biden campaign’s proactive measures also encompass minority voter engagement, piloting initiatives in critical swing regions to counteract any Republican gains. However, the issue of Biden’s age remains a point of contention among voters, influencing perceptions of his candidacy.

The campaign’s efforts extend to off-year elections, where it has mobilized a significant volunteer network. Collaborating with the DNC, the campaign boasts a record-breaking joint war chest, signaling robust financial preparedness.

However, some, like Republican strategist Rick Tyler, warn against overreliance on past campaign strategies, advising a forward-looking approach. In contrast, voters like Torin Walhood remain confident in Biden’s prospects against Trump, given past outcomes.

The Big Big News reporters Linley Sanders and Jonathan J. Cooper contributed additional insights to this report.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Biden 2024 Election Strategy

What is President Joe Biden’s strategy for the 2024 election?

President Joe Biden’s strategy for the 2024 election involves reviving key themes from his 2020 campaign, emphasizing a stark contrast to Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda. The campaign plans to reenergize its coalition by focusing on Biden’s message of building on progress and completing the job started in his first term, which they believe remains popular with voters.

How is the Biden campaign planning to address concerns about the President’s age?

The Biden campaign acknowledges concerns about the President’s age but has not explicitly detailed how it plans to address them. However, the campaign has been actively highlighting Biden’s legislative accomplishments and the administration’s calls to protect democratic values and improve the economy to resonate with voters.

What does the Biden campaign say about its chances against Trump if he is the Republican nominee?

The Biden campaign believes that the election will be very close if Trump is the Republican nominee. They suggest that voters will continue to reject “MAGA extremism” as evidenced in tight Senate races won by Democrats in key battleground states during the midterms.

How has the Biden campaign begun to reverse negative perceptions ahead of the 2024 election?

The Biden campaign has launched a 16-week, $25 million advertising campaign targeting battleground states, with investments in Hispanic and African American media, to reshape public perceptions. They are also focusing on communicating Biden’s record, especially on the economy, to remind voters of the progress made since he took office.

What are some of the challenges the Biden campaign faces according to public polls?

Public polls indicate challenges for the Biden campaign, with only about 40% of U.S. adults approving of the President’s job performance, particularly in handling the economy. Additionally, there’s divided opinion on Biden’s approach to prescription drug prices and disapproval of his handling of abortion policy.

How is the Biden campaign working to engage minority voters?

The Biden campaign is launching pilot programs to expand organizing in key communities, including Wisconsin college towns, Milwaukee’s Black neighborhoods, and swing areas in Phoenix. This effort is to mitigate the narrative of slipping Democratic support among minority voters and to bolster turnout.

What does the financial situation look like for the Biden campaign?

As of October 1, the Biden campaign, in conjunction with the Democratic National Committee, had a joint war chest of $91 million, which campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez noted as the most a Democratic candidate has had at this point in the race. They anticipate a more than $1 billion effort to communicate with voters by 2024.

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