A look inside Donald Trump’s deposition: Defiance, deflection and the ‘hottest brand in the world’

by Ryan Lee
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Inside the Deposition of Donald Trump: Resilience, Diversion, and the ‘Hottest Brand in the World’

In a recent release of his sworn testimony, Donald Trump takes pride in establishing a multibillion-dollar brand and claims to have saved “millions of lives” during his tenure as president.

He engages in a verbal exchange with Letitia James, the New York attorney general who is pursuing a lawsuit against him for fraud. Trump dismisses the lawsuit as “terrible” and contends that “you don’t have a case.” He alleges that the case is nonsensical and accuses James’ team of attempting to entrap him, drawing parallels to the tactics used by TV lawyer Perry Mason on witnesses.

The deposition, spanning seven hours and conducted in April as part of James’ legal action, addresses allegations that Trump and his company manipulated financial statements to overstate the value of assets, thereby inflating his net worth by over $2 billion in certain years.

Presented below are the key highlights:

A Troubling Situation:

Trump vehemently criticizes James’ lawsuit as a “terrible thing,” asserting that there is no basis for her claims. He contends that the banks supposedly deceived by inflated valuations did not suffer any harm and were compensated for their involvement in his transactions. Trump emphasizes that the banks profited significantly and even during the COVID-19 pandemic, they were repaid. He questions the rationale behind suing on behalf of the banks and labels the entire case as irrational.

Trump expresses his frustration with the New York authorities, suggesting that their focus on investigating him detracts from addressing issues such as violent crime. He bemoans the treatment of his former finance chief, Allen Weisselberg, who faced legal trouble for alleged tax evasion related to company-provided perks. Trump resents having to justify himself to authorities.

Questionable Financial Statements:

Trump admits that he never anticipated his financial statements would carry substantial weight, and those who engaged in business with him were cautioned against placing undue trust in them. He characterizes the statements as a compilation of property data, rather than a precise representation of their value. He acknowledges that some figures are approximations or “guesstimates.” While acknowledging that financial institutions occasionally requested these statements, Trump contends that their accuracy did not legally matter due to a disclaimer accompanying them. He asserts that the disclaimer advises readers not to rely on the statements and to conduct their own analysis.

The Value of the Brand:

Trump assesses the value of his brand alone to be approximately $10 billion. He asserts that his brand is his most valuable asset and attributes his political success to the widespread recognition of his name and persona. He links his presidency to the appeal of his brand and claims it to be the most influential brand globally.

A Weighty Responsibility:

After assuming the presidency, Trump transferred control of the Trump Organization to a trust overseen by his son, Donald Trump Jr., and finance chief, Allen Weisselberg. Trump maintains that he undertook this action not out of obligation, but to ensure a legitimate presidency and avoid any appearance of conflicts of interest. He emphasizes his dedication to addressing global challenges, such as preventing nuclear threats from North Korea. Trump contends that his efforts were pivotal in preventing potential nuclear conflicts.

A Shift in Approach:

In comparison to his earlier deposition in August 2022, Trump’s recent testimony demonstrates a change in his approach. During the initial deposition, Trump frequently invoked the Fifth Amendment to avoid self-incrimination, refusing to respond to numerous questions. His reasoning was based on the belief that politically motivated prosecutors would exploit his answers for criminal charges. By April, Trump reversed his stance and provided extensive responses. This change was apparent even in his responses to basic questions, which were characterized by their length. This new strategy was not lost on his interrogators.

A Showcase of Superlatives:

Throughout his testimony, Trump frequently employs superlatives, such as “beautiful” and “incredible,” to describe his properties. He repeats these terms 15 times each, along with “phenomenal” six times, underscoring his enthusiasm for his holdings. Trump hails his Turnberry golf course in Scotland as an iconic destination, deeming his villas at the Doral golf resort near Miami as exceptionally attractive. He goes on to label his Seven Springs estate in New York State as the finest residence in the state. Trump extends this praise to his golf courses in Aberdeen, Scotland; Jupiter, Florida; and properties outside Los Angeles. He acknowledges an inclination to retain ownership of these properties, while also asserting their potential staggering value if put up for sale.

An Optimistic Outlook:

Trump envisions substantial valuations for his properties, speculating that he could fetch $1.5 billion for Mar-a-Lago and possibly $2.5 billion for Doral. He even suggests that the LIV golf league, backed by Saudi Arabia, could offer a substantial sum for his Turnberry course. He underscores the desirability of his properties and the allure they hold for potential buyers.

In sum, the recent deposition provides a comprehensive view of Donald Trump’s perspective on his business dealings, legal challenges, and the value of his brand. It reflects his assertive and confident stance on these matters, underscoring the complexity of his relationship with finance, law, and his own public image.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Deposition

What is the subject of the deposition of Donald Trump?

The deposition focuses on various aspects of Donald Trump’s business endeavors, legal challenges, and the value of his brand.

What legal case is discussed in the deposition?

The deposition is part of a lawsuit brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, accusing Trump and his company of inflating asset values and net worth by over $2 billion in some years.

How does Trump respond to the lawsuit?

Trump dismisses the lawsuit as a “terrible thing” and contends that there is no case against him. He asserts that the banks involved profited from his deals and were not harmed.

What is Trump’s perspective on his financial statements?

Trump acknowledges that his financial statements were not meant to be taken too seriously and were often approximations. He claims people were warned not to trust them and that they came with disclaimers.

What is the value of Trump’s brand according to the deposition?

Trump estimates the value of his brand to be around $10 billion and attributes his political success to the popularity of his name and persona.

How does Trump justify putting his organization into a trust?

Trump states that he placed his organization into a trust to avoid conflicts of interest and to appear as a legitimate president. He emphasizes his dedication to addressing global challenges during his presidency.

What change is observed in Trump’s approach during the deposition?

In comparison to an earlier deposition, Trump changes his approach and provides more extensive responses in the recent deposition, displaying a shift in strategy.

How does Trump describe his properties during the deposition?

Trump uses superlatives like “beautiful,” “incredible,” and “phenomenal” to describe his properties, including golf courses and estates, underscoring his enthusiasm for them.

What valuations does Trump envision for his properties?

Trump suggests that he could fetch substantial sums, such as $1.5 billion for Mar-a-Lago and possibly $2.5 billion for Doral. He also speculates on the potential value of his properties for sale.

What does the deposition reveal about Trump’s attitude towards his properties and public image?

The deposition portrays Trump’s unapologetic business approach, confidence in his properties, and a complex relationship with his public image.

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