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Sports are activities that involve physical exertion and skill, typically in competitive form. Sports are a major part of modern society, with millions participating at both professional and amateur levels across the world. The most common sports played today include football (soccer), basketball, cricket, tennis and baseball. There is also a wide range of individual or team sports such as track & field athletics, martial arts, skiing and swimming.

In addition to providing entertainment for spectators, many people participate in sporting events to stay physically active or compete against others. It has been suggested that exercise can have beneficial effects on mental health by reducing stress levels and improving moods – this could be one reason why so many people choose to take up sport-related activities each year worldwide.

The history of organized sports dates back centuries ago when Ancient Greeks first began competing against each other in various athletic events during festivals honoring gods such as Zeus or Apollo; even then participants were rewarded with prizes like olive wreaths for their efforts! Today’s version often involves large stadiums filled with cheering fans who come out not just watch but show support for their favorite teams/players regardless if they win or lose – an important reminder that it isn’t always about winning but rather enjoying the experience itself which makes playing any type of sport worthwhile no matter what age group you belong too!

Organized international competitions involving teams from different countries have increased significantly since the late 19th century; one example being the Olympic Games held every four years where athletes strive towards achieving gold medals while representing their nations proudly amidst global recognition & media coverage given its importance among all other forms off competition worldwide!

Despite some controversy over certain aspects related to safety concerns (such as head injuries) within specific disciplines like American Football etc., overall participation rates remain high due mainly because those involved realize how much enjoyment they get out from engaging themselves through healthy physical activity along side making new friends while learning valuable life lessons such teamwork & respect amongst peers on top developing skills otherwise unattainable outside this particular environment thus making it easier understand why ‘Sport’ continues attract attention around world despite setbacks may occur time again throughout history

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