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by Joshua Brown

The Ireland government is the governmental structure of the Republic of Ireland. It is a unitary state and parliamentary democracy, with its capital in Dublin. The current President of Ireland is Michael D Higgins since November 11th 2011.

Ireland has had a long history as an island nation that was part of the British Empire for centuries until 1921 when it achieved independence from Britain following a War or Independence (1916-21). This period saw major political upheaval including several civil wars and armed conflicts before finally settling into stability under Éamon de Valera’s Fianna Fail party which governed from 1932 to 1948. Since then, all governments have been formed by coalitions between two main parties; Fine Gael / Labour Party/ Green Party on one side, Fianna Fail on the other side.

In recent years there have been constitutional changes that increased public participation in decision making such as referendums on important issues like same sex marriage ( 2015) which were passed overwhelmingly by Irish people in favor . There are also new initiatives being taken to improve transparency such as Freedom Of Information legislation introduced in 2014 allowing access to official information held by public bodies and services if requested hugely improving Government accountability while still adhering to data protection principles set out By GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation )which replaces previous laws regarding personal data processing across EU countries .

The country’s economy has grown substantially over last 30 years ,with GDP per capita rising significantly due largely foreign direct investments attracted primarily through liberalization policies implemented during mid 1990s coupled with low corporate tax rates established at 12% back 1977 compared average 22% rest Europe make them attractive destination investors . These stable economic conditions combined social support provided ensure citizens enjoy high standards living amongst highest Human Development Index ratings world today .

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