Iraq government

by Joshua Brown
Iraq government

Iraq Government is the government of Iraq. It was established in 2003 following the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime, and it has been led by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi since October 2018. The government is based on a parliamentary system which includes three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial.

The Executive Branch consists of several ministries that are responsible for running day-to-day operations such as health care, education, security forces, finance etc., as well as various other agencies under their authority. The prime minister appoints cabinet members to lead each ministry with approval from Parliament. He or she also presides over meetings of all ministers while making sure they abide by laws and regulations set forth by parliamentarians and international organizations like the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

The Legislative Branch is composed mainly out of two parts; namely the Council of Representatives (COR) – commonly known as “Parliament” –which acts according to Article 61 in Iraqi Constitution approved in 2005—and provincial councils elected from local assemblies within 18 governorates across country boundaries every four years starting 2007 who have power to form laws related only to those specific provinces where elections were held at respective times . COR chairperson acts on behalf President whose duties include representing state internationally along with approving/dismissing governments formed after general elections taking place every 4 years including current one that took place May 12th 2018 which resulted victory for Saairun Alliance headed up Mr Mohammed Alhalbousi appointed speaker April 22nd 2019 . There currently 5 main political blocs represented inside COR comprising coalition many smaller parties united around single agenda : State list , National Coalition , Wisdom List , Fatah alliance & Kurdistan Democratic Party alongside numerous independent lawmakers totaling 329 seats overall majority needed 165 votes pass any bill into law ..

Finally Judicial branch overseen Supreme Federal Court located Baghdad consisting number courts specialized handling matters ranging civil rights criminal justice property disputes taxations bankruptcy religious issues even military tribunals when required although final say comes down federal court judge overseeing proceedings few cases appealable directly top body itself granting rarest occasions chance overturn previous decision if found be unjust improper due course events.. Despite its flaws despite difficult path taken reach this point today Iraq still considered major success story democratic transition Middle East region having overcome countless obstacles become nation limited yet strong democracy embracing rule law guaranteeing equal opportunities citizens regardless gender religion or ethnicity live peacefully pursuit happiness prosperity future generations come ..

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