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Iran, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran (Persian: ایران‎), is a country in Central and Western Asia. Its capital is Tehran. It has an estimated population of 81 million people and covers an area of 1,648,195 km2 (636,372 sq mi). It borders Iraq to the west; Turkey to the northwest; Armenia and Azerbaijan to the north; Turkmenistan to the northeast; Afghanistan to its east; Pakistan on its southeastern border with Balochistan province as well as Indian-administered Kashmir across both sides of Sir Creek at sea level respectively on each side between India/Pakistan over Arabian Sea maritime boundary agreement [1] ; it also shares maritime boundaries with Oman facing Persian Gulf waters near Strait of Hormuz.[2] The Iranian plateau encompasses most parts of this nation including neighboring countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijani exclave Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic etc..

The culture that evolved within these nations’ common borders has been influenced by various ethnic groups which arrived from outside or have resided for extended periods in different regions – primarily Persians who form about 65% majority ethnicity today[3]. Other minority groups include Kurds (~10%), Lurs (~7%)[4], Turks (~6%), Azeris ~5%, Arabs around 3%; other smaller minorities make up remaining 2%. This diversity makes Iran one richly diverse society despite being geographically mostly located within Middle East region where Islam forms major faith among inhabitants.[5][6] Additionally Zoroastrianism was once dominant religion before Islamization process began during seventh century CE though still practiced today albeit relatively small number adherents making up less than 0.5% total population according national census data taken 2011–12 year period.[7][8][9] There are some Jewish communities living there too since antiquity although their numbers have significantly dwindled due recent migrations abroad particularly United States America following 1979 Revolution led Ayatollah Khomeini’s overthrow shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi’s rule .

Economically speaking Iran ranks second after Saudi Arabia terms oil production capacity,[10] while having significant reserves natural gas hydrocarbons resources world’s fourth largest proven reserves per International Energy Agency estimates released 2017 report titled “Renewables Global Status Report Yearbook Edition 2018” published jointly European Union renewable energy industry associations REN21 group partnership organizations worldwide working towards promoting sustainable development policies through use green sources energy supplies like wind solar geothermal power plants etc., while strategic location geopolitics gives geopolitical advantage access important waterways especially associated Gulf Arab states Bahrain Kuwait Qatar UAE Yemen areas beyond them via Red Sea passages – Israel Egypt Lebanon Syria Jordan Palestine territories et al. Thus allowing transnational connections trading partners far away lands Japan China South Korea others along Silk Road trade route depending upon economic agreements treaties signed respective governments government entities involved business transactions involving imports exports related shipping activities occur routinely everyday basis throughout many ports seaports located inside out perimeter coastline stretching entire length western eastern coastlines coastal provinces Sistan & Baluchestan Gilan Bushehr Kerman Hormozgan Fars Qeshm Island Persian Islands Chabahar Port Bandar Abbas Jask port city Anzali international airport situated Mazandaran Province northern part Iranian mainland landmass showing clear evidence vast infrastructure exists all points entry exit facilitating movement commodities goods services normal citizens alike without any unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles hindrances whatsoever…

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