Iowa Hawkeyes

by Joshua Brown

The Iowa Hawkeyes are the athletic teams of the University of Iowa, located in Iowa City, Iowa. The school is a member of the Big Ten Conference and competes in NCAA Division I athletics.

Intercollegiate sports began at the university almost as soon as it opened its doors for classes in 1855 with students playing against each other on campus and competing inter-university games such as baseball against nearby colleges. However, no official nickname was adopted until 1905 when “Hawkeyes”, taken from an old story about Chief Black Hawk who fought to defend his land during the War of 1812, was chosen by student leaders for their mascot name. From then on, all UI athletic teams were referred to as “Hawkeyes”.

Sports Sponsored

The University sponsors 24 varsity sport programs including basketball (men’s & women’s), football (co-ed) soccer (women’s only), volleyball (women’s only) wrestling (co-ed). Men’s hockey has been added in 2020–2021 season while men’s golf will be discontinued after 2021–22 season due to budget cuts caused by COVID pandemic. In addition there are several club sports available at UI like rugby union or water polo among others provided mainly through Student Life office rather than Athletics department per se .


Some popular traditions associated with being a fan/student athlete include singing “In Heaven There Is No Beer” after every victory; crowding Kinnick Stadium before each home game known widely as “Kinnick Wave”; using Tigerhawk logo which features both tiger paw print alongside hawk silhouette; painting entire city yellow & black prior any big game day etc.. Every year since 1989 team players light up Campanile – tall bell tower built near stadium – signaling start off Homecoming weekend celebrations throughout town .


With more than 20 National championships across multiple sports ,Iowa Hawkeye have become one of most successful universities when it comes down to collegiate level competitions yet they remain best known for their unparalleled success within Wrestling program that produced 6 individual Olympic gold medalists over last few decades incluiding legendary Dan Gable himself .. Their Football team managed 4 times Big 10 title between 2002–2015 but never won national championship although they did reach Rose Bowl twice during same period…. Overall there is great sense pride amongst fans whenever Hawkeye get chance prove themselves nationally especially if pitted against Midwest rivals like Wisconsin Badgers or Minnesota Golden Gophers…

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