Hong Kong government

by Joshua Brown
Hong Kong government

Hong Kong Government, also known as the Hong Kong SAR government, is the executive branch of government in Hong Kong. It is under the direct jurisdiction of China following its handover from British rule to Chinese sovereignty on 1 July 1997. The incumbent Chief Executive of Hong Kong since 2017 is Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor who was appointed by Beijing’s Liaison Office and approved by a 1200-member Election Committee composed mostly of pro-Beijing members.

The Basic Law serves as the Constitution for governing Hong Kong and states that “the socialist system and policies shall not be practised” in order to preserve existing economic systems after 1997 handover; however it allows for some integration with mainland China such as regular visits by central officials including President Xi Jinping himself who visited in June 2017 during his three day stay there. The main arms of governance include various departments or bureaus headed up by secretaries or ministers responsible for policy implementation while other bodies like Legislative Council oversee laws passed at local level which are ultimately subject to approval from National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) based in Beijing.

Since its inception, HKG has been criticized over lack transparency surrounding decision making processes especially when compared against its predecessor namely colonial administration where many decisions were made independently without any input from outside sources except through public consultation procedures before being finalized into legislation etcetera – this means that more often than not important changes can occur overnight without much warning if they have already been preapproved elsewhere beforehand e.g., extradition law proposal triggered widespread protests due to perceived threat posed against civil liberties within region despite having already gone through NPCSC review process prior being submitted locally first time round back March 2019 – leading many people believe current setup lacks accountability/oversight necessary ensure proper checks balances remain place protect rights freedoms citizens regardless political affiliation should something come pass again future occasions too!  

Recent years have seen increasing calls greater autonomy respect human dignity issues ranging everything LGBT+ rights right down religious freedom expression although progress been slow least part largely due reluctance both sides reach compromise suitable all parties involved albeit recent developments show signs positive shift attitudes towards these matters amongst politicians class society general even though much still needs done address them fully satisfy demands those advocating change long term basis yet another contentious debate continues rage between two countries whether want see ‘one country’ situation arise out negotiations take shape eventually make everyone happy once final settlement reached sometime soon…

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