Yellen: Working Towards a Better US-China Relationship in the Face of Rising Tensions

by Ethan Kim
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Janet Yellen, who is the Secretary of the US Treasury, said on Thursday that even though relations between the US and China have been bad recently, they both must learn how to get along.

At a speech in Washington, Yellen suggested that countries should work together to face the difficulties of today and maintain worldwide stability. She also mentioned putting some restrictions on China which may help America keep its safety concerns in check.

She spoke about the wrongdoings of China such as those in Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Tibet to show that there can still be a future where both China and the United States will join forces to bring forth progress and growth.

Yellen said: “We want a good partnership between us and China so that our two countries have more opportunities towards success”.

The U.S. and China don’t get along very well anymore since a Chinese spy balloon was found in American airspace. China also decided to become closer partners with Russia, even though Russia recently attacked Ukraine.

Yellen said China growing and following international rules could be good for the United States and everyone else in the world. Both countries can benefit from competing fairly in terms of economics. That way, both parties will gain from this competition.

Yellen recently gave a speech about the current relationship between the United States and China. People are worried because the Chinese were seen flying a balloon that had special tools to gather secret information over an important U.S. military base. This has made legislators pay attention closely at what is happening.

China’s help of Russia in its fight against Ukraine has Western leaders worried. Though China said it would not give weapons to either side, they did a military practice together with Russia recently.

China is supporting Russia without limits and this is bad because it shows China isn’t trying to end the war. Countries, including China, should not provide Russia with things that help them break the sanctions.

In her speech, Janet Yellen emphasized how important US national security is when it comes to its relationship with China. She also mentioned that the US may be planning a program to limit investments in certain technologies that may put national security at risk.

Last October, the US government said that it was stopping China from getting access to certain kinds of high-tech computer chips. This was so that China cannot build powerful weapons like bombs which can cause a lot of destruction.

What is happening in Taiwan recently is causing people to be worried that China might try to invade it. Just a few weeks ago, China did some major combat drills near Taiwan to demonstrate their response to the Taiwanese president visiting America this month.

Janet Yellen, the United States government person in charge of economic things, said that America will be trying to protect its own safety and the safety of its allies, as well as human rights. Katherine Tai said that the US isn’t attempting to cut off all ties with China’s economy.

Tai has visited Japan four times since she was chosen to be the top American diplomat in charge of trading relationships. She said that President Joe Biden’s team agrees that it is not a good idea to break up China’s economy.

The U.S. has limited trade bans against China, and it wouldn’t be realistic to somehow part ways with them as they are an important part of the global economy, said Tai at an event for international reporters in Japan.

In January, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen had a meeting with the top Chinese official, Vice Premier Liu He. This was because President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart agreed last November to find ways to work together. On Thursday, Ms. Yellen said she wanted to visit China when it felt appropriate.

Secretary Yellen said it’s important that America and China work together to solve global problems despite any disagreements they might have. According to Secretary Yellen, the world needs both countries working hand-in-hand.

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