Woman critically injured by rare shark bite off NYC’s Rockaway Beach

by Andrew Wright
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shark bite

A 50-year-old woman suffered critical injuries after being bitten by a shark on her left leg while swimming off Rockaway Beach in New York City, according to the city’s parks department. The incident occurred just before 6 p.m. on Monday.

Lifeguards quickly rescued the woman from the water and provided initial medical treatment. She was then transported to Jamaica Hospital, where she was reported to be in critical but stable condition, suffering from severe cuts on her thigh, as per a statement from a police representative.

Following the incident, lifeguards cleared the beach of all swimmers, and police conducted a helicopter search for sharks in the vicinity but found none. Rockaway Beach remained closed for swimming and surfing the next day as a precautionary measure.

Shark attacks are an uncommon occurrence, with data from the University of Florida’s International Shark Attack File showing only 57 unprovoked bites in the previous year. However, the area has seen an increase in shark sightings recently, attributed to factors such as improved water quality and an abundance of bunker fish, a preferred prey for sharks.

This bite at Rockaway Beach marked the first of its kind in recent history, according to the parks department. Nevertheless, Long Island beaches have experienced at least five shark bites involving swimmers and surfers this summer, although none have resulted in fatalities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about shark bite

Where did the shark bite incident occur?

The shark bite incident occurred at Rockaway Beach in New York City.

What injuries did the woman sustain from the shark bite?

The woman suffered critical injuries and severe lacerations to her thigh.

What actions were taken by lifeguards and police after the incident?

Lifeguards pulled the woman from the water and administered first aid. The police conducted a helicopter search for sharks in the area but did not find any.

Was the beach closed following the shark attack?

Yes, Rockaway Beach was closed to swimming and surfing on Tuesday as a precaution.

How common are shark bites in this area?

Shark bites are extremely rare, but there has been a rise in shark sightings in New York City and Long Island. This specific bite at Rockaway Beach was the first reported in recent memory.

Have there been any fatalities from shark bites in the area?

No, there have been no fatalities, though there have been at least five instances of sharks biting swimmers and surfers at Long Island beaches this summer.

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