Woman Accused of Killing Husband, Writing Grief Book for Kids, Requests Bail

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During a court session on Monday, attorneys representing a Utah woman who authored a children’s book on coping with grief after her husband’s demise, only to be later charged with poisoning him to death, argued for her release on bail for the duration of the trial.

Kouri Richins, aged 33, faces charges of murder and drug possession. As the lead detective investigating her husband’s death testified, Richins paid close attention while tissues clutched in her hands, visibly distressed. Behind her, a captivated audience filled with locals, including employees from Eric Richins’ construction company, watched as she silently wept, burying her face in her hands when the detective mentioned discovering her husband’s lifeless body.

Prosecutors claim that Richins deliberately administered five times the lethal dosage of fentanyl by slipping it into a Moscow mule cocktail she prepared for Eric Richins. The alleged act occurred amidst marital conflicts and disputes over a multimillion-dollar mansion that she eventually acquired as an investment.

The mother of three had self-published an illustrated book about a guardian angel father who watches over his sons after passing away.

The case gained significant attention as true-crime enthusiasts delved into the children’s book and scrutinized Richins’ remarks while promoting it as a tool to aid children in grieving the loss of a loved one.

Summit County Chief Prosecutor Patricia Cassell planned to examine multiple witnesses during Monday morning’s proceedings.

Prosecutors portrayed Richins as a scheming individual who previously attempted to kill her husband by lacing a Valentine’s Day sandwich with hydrocodone. On the day of his death in March 2022, she vehemently denied any involvement, even proclaiming to the police, “My husband is active. He doesn’t just die in his sleep. This is insane.”

In a motion filed on Friday, Richins’ defense argued for her release, citing the circumstantial nature of the evidence against her. They highlighted the fact that the police never discovered fentanyl at the family residence and questioned the credibility of the key witnesses supporting the prosecution’s request for her continued detention.

The defense claimed that the prosecutors had blindly accepted the narrative presented by Eric Richins’ family, alleging that Kouri Richins had poisoned him, and then retroactively attempted to substantiate it through a 14-month investigation that yielded no evidence. In a letter submitted on Monday, her attorneys also alleged that detectives had unlawfully detained and interrogated Richins during a search warrant execution at her family home, approximately one month after her husband’s death.

The case has also thrust the town of Kamas, Utah into the spotlight. Situated near Park City, one of the premier destinations in the American West for skiing, hiking, and outdoor activities, Kamas is an agricultural town nestled in the Wasatch Mountains. The couple and their three sons resided in a new development in the nearby town of Francis, approximately 50 miles (80 kilometers) east of Salt Lake City.

Should the case proceed to trial, a key factor will likely be the testimony of an unidentified informant who allegedly sold drugs to Richins, which were subsequently found in her husband’s system during the autopsy.

Charging documents and warrants reveal interviews with the informant, who claimed to have sold Richins hydrocodone and fentanyl in the weeks and months leading up to her husband’s death. Prosecutors argue that the timeline of drug purchases aligns with Eric Richins’ demise and supports their assertion that his wife had laced the sandwich weeks prior.

According to prosecutors, after Eric Richins survived the initial poisoning attempt, Kouri Richins requested stronger drugs, referred to as “some of the Michael Jackson stuff,” during discussions with the dealer. In 2009,

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about crime investigation

What are the charges against Kouri Richins?

Kouri Richins is facing charges of murder and drug possession.

What is the alleged crime committed by Kouri Richins?

Kouri Richins is accused of fatally poisoning her husband, Eric Richins, by slipping a lethal dose of fentanyl into a cocktail she made for him.

What is the connection between Kouri Richins and a children’s grief book?

Kouri Richins authored a children’s book about coping with grief after her husband’s death. The book gained attention after she was charged with her husband’s murder, leading to scrutiny of her remarks while promoting the book.

What motives are being presented in the case?

Prosecutors argue that financial and marital disputes played a role in the alleged crime. The couple had conflicts over a multimillion-dollar mansion and had discussed divorce. Prosecutors also claim that Kouri Richins made significant changes to the family’s estate plans and obtained life insurance policies on her husband.

What evidence is being presented against Kouri Richins?

The prosecution alleges that an unidentified informant sold drugs, including hydrocodone and fentanyl, to Kouri Richins prior to her husband’s death. They argue that this aligns with the timeline of the alleged poisoning.

What is the defense’s argument for Kouri Richins’ release on bail?

The defense claims that the evidence against Kouri Richins is circumstantial and questions the credibility of key witnesses. They argue that the prosecution based their case on a preconceived narrative and failed to find substantial evidence supporting their theory.

Where did the case take place?

The case is being held in Utah, specifically in Kamas, a town near Park City in the Wasatch Mountains.

What is the significance of the location in the case?

The case has brought attention to Kamas, known for its proximity to popular outdoor recreational activities. The town was where Kouri Richins and her family lived before the alleged crime occurred.

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