Wisconsin Senate Overrides Evers’ Veto on Long-Term School Funding and Tax Hike Rollback

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Wisconsin Senate Overrides Evers' Vetoes

In a notable legislative action, the Republican-dominated Wisconsin Senate voted on Thursday to annul three vetoes enacted by Governor Tony Evers. Among these vetoes was one particularly contentious item: a proposal to allocate increased funding for schools over an extraordinary 400-year period.

The Senate, benefiting from a two-thirds majority, successfully overrode the vetoes with a series of 22-11 votes that adhered strictly to party lines. However, Republicans lack the requisite majority in the Assembly, a necessary condition for fully negating a gubernatorial veto.

Two of Thursday’s override votes aimed to reverse partial vetoes issued by Governor Evers in July, in relation to the state budget approved by the Republican-led Legislature. One such veto effectively canceled the majority of a $3.5 billion income tax reduction. Another sought to establish a 400-year mandate for enhanced school funding.

The Governor’s imaginative exercise of his partial veto authority in this instance elicited considerable attention and disapproval, both statewide and beyond.

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Evers’ Unconventional 400-Year School Funding Veto Stirs Controversy in Politically Divided Wisconsin
Governor Tony Evers’ exceptional use of partial veto power to secure a 400-year commitment to increased school funding has provoked vehement reactions from his political adversaries.

The Senate additionally succeeded in overriding Governor Evers’ veto of a legislative bill intended to prevent state and local governments from imposing restrictions on utility services based on their energy sources, such as natural gas.

Supporters of the override, including Republican lawmakers, the state’s chamber of commerce, and energy corporations, contended that the legislation was necessary to preemptively avoid any such prohibitions similar to those being considered in other states. Environmental advocates, on the other hand, argued that the legislation was a solution in search of a problem, as neither the state nor any local community had shown indications of contemplating such energy source restrictions.

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What did the Wisconsin Senate vote on recently?

The Wisconsin Senate, controlled by Republicans, recently voted to override three vetoes imposed by Governor Tony E

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