White shooter kills 3 Black people in Florida hate crime as Washington celebrates King’s dream

by Andrew Wright
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Jacksonville Racially-Motivated Shooting

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hate crime in Jacksonville

What happened in Jacksonville, Florida?

A white gunman killed three Black individuals in a Dollar General store in a predominantly Black neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida. The incident is being investigated as a racially motivated hate crime.

Who were the victims?

Two men and one woman, all Black, were fatally shot in the incident. The identities of the victims have not been officially released.

What did the law enforcement authorities say?

Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters stated that the shooting was “racially motivated.” The FBI is assisting with the ongoing inquiry and has opened a hate crime investigation.

What were the weapons used by the gunman?

The gunman used a Glock handgun and an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. He also wore a bullet-resistant vest during the attack.

Did the gunman act alone?

Yes, according to Sheriff T.K. Waters, the shooter acted alone and was not part of any organized group.

How did the authorities become aware of the gunman’s intentions?

The shooter sent written statements to federal law enforcement and at least one media outlet shortly before the attack, suggesting a racial motive.

What has been the community’s reaction?

The community is in mourning and shock. Mayor Donna Deegan expressed that such events “should not and must not continue to happen” in Jacksonville.

How is this event significant in the context of the March on Washington?

The incident occurred on the same day as the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington, highlighting the ongoing struggles with racial inequality in the United States.

What are the historical implications of this event for Jacksonville?

This event occurred a day before the 63rd anniversary of Jacksonville’s infamous “Ax Handle Saturday,” when members of the Ku Klux Klan attacked Black protesters. The recent shooting underscores Jacksonville’s long-standing issues with racial violence.

Are there any suspects or persons of interest?

The gunman killed himself at the scene and is the sole suspect in the investigation. His identity has not been officially confirmed.

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