What did you Google in 2023? ‘Barbie,’ Israel-Hamas war are among the year’s top internet searches

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Year in Search 2023

What is the “Year in Search” by Google for 2023?

Google’s “Year in Search” for 2023 is a compilation of the top global queries and trends from the year. It encompasses various categories, including pop culture, news events, notable individuals, entertainment, sports, and more, providing a snapshot of what people worldwide were searching for on Google.

What were some of the notable trends in the “Year in Search” for 2023?

Some notable trends in Google’s “Year in Search” for 2023 included the ongoing Israel-Hamas war as the top news trend, various pop culture moments, and search queries related to significant events like the Titanic-bound submersible incident and earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Additionally, it highlighted top trending people, movies, TV shows, songs, recipes, and sports teams, offering insights into the year’s interests and searches.

How does Google compile the “Year in Search” data?

Google collects data for its “Year in Search” from January 1 through November 27 of the respective year. This data is gathered from search queries made on the Google platform and reflects global search trends, providing a comprehensive overview of the year’s internet activity.

Is there more detailed information available, such as country-specific trends?

Yes, Google provides more detailed data, including country-specific lists and trends from previous years, in its “Year in Search” archive. This allows users to explore specific trends and interests in different regions and over time.

Are there any special insights or historical data included in Google’s “Year in Search”?

To mark Google’s 25th birthday, the company also released top search data “of all time” across various specific categories, such as the most-Googled Grammy winner, the highest-searched athlete, and the most-searched movie or TV cast. This historical data provides interesting insights into long-term search trends and interests.

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