Washington Prepares for Court Ruling with Stockpile of Abortion Pills

by Ryan Lee
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The governor of Washington State, Jay Inslee, has bought a 3-year supply of medication used for abortions. This was done so that people in his state can easily get the treatment if needed. The government paid $1.28 million dollars which comes down to $42.50 per pill. The shipment arrived in March.

Taking two pills, mifepristone and misoprostol, together is a popular way to end a pregnancy in the U.S. Studies show that this type of medical abortion is both safe and reliable, and it has been accepted by the Food and Drug Administration for more than 20 years.

A Christian group from Texas recently took the U.S. Supreme Court to court, in hopes of taking away our constitutional right to have an abortion. This ruling would affect states that are either for or against abortions. Governor Inslee made a statement explaining he won’t allow for this decision to go through without doing something about it. He is trying his best to make sure patients and healthcare providers get what they need, no matter which side of the offence you stand on.

Donald Trump appointed Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk in March to hear a case from the Alliance Defending Freedom. They wanted the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of mifepristone taken away because they felt it was given incorrectly. Judge Kacsmaryk did not tell everyone what his decision would be but said he would announce it as soon as possible.

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson and Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum are working together on a plan to make it easier to get a medication called mifepristone which is safer than Tylenol. They filed a lawsuit against the FDA because they believe that mifepristone should not be so hard to get.

A court is being asked to rule that current FDA restrictions should not be used for a certain drug called mifepristone. Meanwhile, Washington state lawmakers are working on a law that would allow the Department of Corrections to give the stockpiles of this drug to licensed providers. Senator Karen Keiser from Des Moines said it’s important to make sure nobody stays complacent about reproductive health.

Keiser said that the government is doing a lot to protect abortion rights, but it won’t work unless people can get proper care. The state of Washington has some plans to make sure abortions are available. For example, Governor Inslee ordered the police in Washington not to participate in investigations done by other states related to abortion. The state of Washington also wants other laws which will help with gender-affirming health care passed this year.

In Washington state, it has been okay to have an abortion since 1970.

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