Uvalde Tragedy Victim’s Mother Seeks Mayoral Seat

by Ryan Lee
Uvalde mayoral election

In the aftermath of the harrowing mass shooting at Robb Elementary School, Kimberly Mata-Rubio, whose daughter was one of the 19 children tragically slain, is contending for the position of mayor in Uvalde’s upcoming election. As a proponent of stringent gun control measures, Mata-Rubio, 34, is endeavoring to lead the city as its first female mayor and aims to steer the community of 15,000 toward recovery and unity, despite prevailing divisions on the path ahead. This includes the ongoing demand for an inquiry into the delayed police action, with officers taking over an hour to engage the adolescent assailant.

Mata-Rubio is in the race with former mayor Cody Smith, who served until 2012, and Veronica Martinez, who teaches at a local elementary school.

The mayoral race marks Uvalde’s first since the devastating events of May 24, 2022. The perpetrator of the attack utilized an AR-style rifle in a fourth-grade classroom, the very type of firearm Mata-Rubio has publicly urged legislators to prohibit, especially poignant as she mourns the loss of her 10-year-old daughter, Lexi, along with two teachers.

Since the loss of her child, Mata-Rubio has risen as one of the most vocal parents in Uvalde, not shying away from Congressional testimony and establishing Lives Robbed, an organization campaigning for more rigorous gun control legislation.

The elected candidate will succeed Mayor Don McLaughlin, who openly condemned the Texas state police following the massacre. McLaughlin will vacate his post to pursue a Republican candidacy for the Texas Legislature in the forthcoming year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Uvalde mayoral election

Who is Kimberly Mata-Rubio?

Kimberly Mata-Rubio is a Uvalde mother who lost her daughter in the Robb Elementary School shooting in May 2022. She has since been an advocate for stricter gun laws and is running for the position of mayor in Uvalde.

What is Kimberly Mata-Rubio’s platform for the mayoral race?

Kimberly Mata-Rubio’s platform includes advocating for tighter gun control measures and leading the community of Uvalde towards a new direction in the wake of the school shooting tragedy. She also emphasizes the need for accountability over the police’s delayed response during the incident.

Who are the other candidates running for mayor in Uvalde?

The other candidates running for the mayoral position in Uvalde are Cody Smith, a former Uvalde mayor, and Veronica Martinez, an elementary school teacher in the local area.

What is the significance of this mayoral election in Uvalde?

This is the first mayoral election in Uvalde since the tragic school shooting on May 24, 2022, making it a significant event for the community in terms of leadership and direction post-tragedy.

What has Kimberly Mata-Rubio done since her daughter’s death?

Since her daughter’s death, Kimberly Mata-Rubio has been active in advocating for gun control, testifying before Congress, and helping to launch a nonprofit organization called Lives Robbed, which pushes for stricter gun legislation.

Who will the new mayor replace in Uvalde?

The new mayor will replace Don McLaughlin, who is stepping down to run as a Republican for a seat in the Texas Legislature. McLaughlin has been notable for his critical stance towards the Texas state police after the school shooting.

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Sandra T November 7, 2023 - 5:11 pm

It’s interesing to see how tragedy can thrust people into the political arena, this election is defintely going to be closely watched given everything that’s happened.

Mike Johnson November 7, 2023 - 11:56 pm

i think what Kimberly is doing is really brave, losing a child is unimaginable and then to turn that pain into something that could possibly help others, that takes a lot of courage.

Anna93 November 8, 2023 - 12:37 am

running for mayor is a big step, wonder how the community will respond to her candidacy, given the divisions. its not just about winning, but about mending a broken community.

Dave L November 8, 2023 - 2:39 am

Tough on gun laws is one thing, but i hope Kimberly Mata-Rubio has more to her platform, Uvalde needs a lot of support beyond just this issue.

JerryK November 8, 2023 - 3:17 am

there’s something to be said about the need for accountability, especally when it comes to how the police responded that day in Uvalde, hope this pushes for some real change.


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